Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Arnie to the Rescue!

Well, it seems Arnold is proving himself worthy of being Governor. I never thought he had it in him. After nearly killing off the educational system of California and taxing the ever living crap out of them, he found something he is good at. Disaster relief!! Yes, this man did what nobody in the entire state of Lousiana did, and that is provide leadership. Arnold did and is still doing, everything and anything it takes to provide adequate shelter and resources. He says he is not leaving anything to chance.

I am not a fan of this man by any means, but at least he is proving his armor to those in times of need. He called the National Guard and setup a bus system to take people out of harms way. I say to you sir, good for you! A republican that learns from the mistakes of history is as rare as finding a leprechaun in Colorado


Dews said...

Ahnuld can do no wrong!

He's my hero... There I said it!

Shane Rollins said...

That's because Ahnuld is down there looking for Kuato so he knows where to turn on California's underground sprinkler system.

Dews said...

hahaha! Great reference!

Whats the third one for? :)
(think about it...)