Wednesday, October 24, 2007

FEC going after Colbert?

You'd think there would be FAR more dirty connections between our lovable slimeball politicians and corporate interests to keep the FEC busy, but apparently they do have time to go after a Faux-News star as well!

Alas, in our utopian society all our politicians are clean as a whistle, so the FEC is free to go after others as it sees fit.

Which brings us to Colbert...
If his campaign plays out the way he's indicated that it will, Comedy Central and Colbert's sponsor, Doritos, could be violating federal laws that bar corporations from backing political campaigns, election law experts say.
Now, the practical, corporate-hating, politician mistrusting part of me would normally salute this gesture as this is obviously corporate interest involved in a "presidential" campaign... But at the same time, is this really the right fight for the FEC to be pursuing right now?

You mean to tell me that of all the candidates running for President right now, Stephen Colbert is a concern to the FEC over some zesty tasty nacho chips, that he as a candidate enjoys, but he as a host endorses?

Side Note: DC&H and I are going to see how difficult it may be to get Colbert on the ballot in Vermont... DC&H has already done the research on forms and amount of signatures, but I'm thinking with Vermont's open primary system it shouldn't be that difficult to get him to be the top republican candidate on the ballot (ala, Fred Tuttle).

Remember Kids, D is for Dinky!


Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe said...

Fred Tuttle was awesome! I'm going to hold a Man with a Plan viewing party at my house. Invite your friends to spread Fred!

Shane Rollins said...

You have to get Colbert on the ballot, and then we'll send word along to the show lol

Dews said...

If you do a Google search for "Stephen Colbert, Fred Tuttle", we are now the 2nd one listed.

Just as an FYI :) Not really sure why anyone would be doing that search...