Monday, October 29, 2007

Craigslist, not safe for your average wfmmmmmm encounter anymore. Part 2!

Didn't think I'd be writing about Craigslist again so soon, but its managed to rear its ugly head yet again!
Woman killed after responding to babysitting ad on Craig's List. A 19-year-old resident of Savage is being held in the murder of a woman discovered in a Burnsville park Friday night.
Can't someone peruse the Casual Encounters section in peace without having to worry about getting killed??? Hell, its bad enough the Moral Police are on there trolling for offenders as it is! :)

(Sorry for the short post, busy trying to finish up some projects at work, but start the two week countdown till Dews is once again living it up in the Nation's Capitol. I'm thinking a Taco Night is in order to celebrate! :) ).

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