Monday, October 29, 2007

Lets All go Streaking!!!

For those of you who watched the Dolphins vs Giants game in London, there was a streaking incident (As there always is when Sports are played in England). They ban that stuff on American TV, but here it is anyway. I don't know why they added House of Pain or why the quality sucked, but its still kinda funny. Dude was doing push-ups behind the kicker.

Side note- It was nice to see the Brits take in the game, It wasn't the most exciting game we had to offer but given the field conditions and the down-poor, it wasn't half bad. Just wait until the Raiders play the Browns in London......The Raider Nation vs the Dog Pound is sure to make any and all soccer hooligan-ism looks like Barney and friends.


Shane Rollins said...

We attack refs with bottles, not each other. For true hooliganism, try Raiders vs Eagles

SayHey Kid said...

Very true, but Cleveland fans are much impressive regarding self hooliganism. They went to Browns stadium dressed in their garb on Sundays when the Browns had no team.

No European country wants to see a team that pelted Santa with snow balls. Give us Raider Nation and the Dog Pound! True team hooligan-sim