Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"Dont Tase Me Bro!!!" Part 2

Ya know, I still dont really know what to make of this story. I know the dude makes a living TRYING to be the next Tom Green, or Jackass, or whatever else that puts people in an uncomfortable setting. I do know the video was hilarious, I mean it felt good seeing a video some stupid asshole get what he had coming to him, but was it legal?? Well apparently it was, the University of Florida cops who Tased our favorite bro were cleared of any wrong-doing.

I tried to examine this, I mean the dude was obviously being disrupitive during a Q&A in which those who participated seemed to want to take seriously. The guy did ask Senator Kerry a valid point. "Why did you concede so quickly after Ohio was called". But the dumb mother fucker had to go off on some pointless rant. When the cops escorted him out, he made a fool out of himself and yes, resisted arrest. Hence, the cops tased him. Not only was it funny to see; for me that is, but the croud seemed to enjoy it also. I guess there is a time and a place for childish publicity stunts. I just hope this guy learned a lesson and patented the t-shirt. Whoever beat him to the punch just became the next millionnaire, similar to the pet rock guy.

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