Monday, October 29, 2007

NCAA Football Top 25 Oct 29

If you were to look at my predictions on Pick Em this week and the results you would have thought it was another big crazy weekend, but sadly it wasn't quite like it was the last few weeks. You did see teams being upset, like Florida and South Florida. It's odd, when I first started ranking I think I had South Florida, South Carolina and Kentucky all in my top ten, now they're completely out of my rankings.

1. Arizona St Sun Devils (1)-There was a discussion between Dock and myself over who should be here. I went with Arizona St because their victory over Cal was more impressive to me then beating Penn St since Cal is a much better team then Penn St. Plus, I've had the Devils here last week, I shouldn't punish them for winning. Big test on Saturday, may be the game that decides who goes to the national title game.
2. Kansas Jayhawks (2)-Another week, another Kansas victory, and another week where no one is paying them any mind because after all it's Kansas and they're not a football school right? They have four games that could very well be tough, and it is fitting that Missouri and Kansas play their last game against each other.
3. Ohio St Buckeyes (6)-I am a man of my word and I have moved the Buckeyes into the top three. I'm not about to put them above Kansas, as they haven't beaten any team that has been that impressive this season. I'm counting down the days until they play Michigan. They beat Michigan and I won't complain about an Ohio St team with an easy schedule getting into the national title game, right luckeyes?
4. Oregon Ducks (3)-Once again in their history the Ducks are the team that would benefit most from having a playoff system. It was like that Joey Harrington's last year in college, and it looks to be the same this season. If they can get by Arizona St this weekend, and win out, they should be in the title game, without question.
5. Boston College Eagles (5)-I won't lie, I went to sleep with 3 minutes to go in this game and didn't find out till the next day at noon that BC somehow some way managed to find a way to win against VA Tech. I know folks are saying, Matt Ryan Heisman, I think he'd rather have Matt Ryan Number One Draft Selection instead. They showed they had heart, I still don't think they could beat any of the teams above them.
6. LSU Tigers (4)-A bye week for the tigers, and I didn't want to drop them, but the Ohio St promise bumped them so my apologies. A big week this week as Saban returns to play them, and upset their possible championship season. Do I think Saban can rock his old team? I'm choosing Bama to Roll Tide and win, what does that tell you?
7. Oklahoma Sooners (7)-I believe the Sooners were also on bye, but they weren't hurt by anyone since almost everyone behind them lost and fell back. A possible big game against A&M this week, and I am almost smelling upset, but they have two weeks to prepare so I won't call it...yet. I may very well save that for the Oklahoma State game.
8. West Virginia Mountaineers (11)-To be honest with you, I didn't think West Virginia would beat Rutgers this week. They have a HUGE next three weeks. Louisville (which can be dangerous when they play well), Cincinnati (who was playing great football earlier this year) and Connecticut (who is in the top twenty-five for the first time this year). Hell, with enough upsets above them and they win, they could sneak into the title game.
9. Missouri Tigers (17)-A strong win this week for the Tigers. This team is really starting to put things together and it's starting to make me a believer. I think they can beat Oklahoma, but the trick is for them to get to the Big 12 Title game for that to happen. They pretty much control their own destiny at this point and have a rough road ahead if they want the Boomer Sooner rematch.
10. Texas Longhorns (14)-I know some of you are rolling your eyes to see my Longhorns here, even after they had that close game against the Cornhuskers this week. I'm gonna blame that on Osbourne being back in Nebraska as motivation for the team to play above their means. That, and all the teams below them lost, they won, and so naturally Texas moves up to the next logical spot, which would be 10.
11. Alabama Crimson Tide (18)-Think about this, they lost to Georgia (who beat Florida this week) and they over looked Florida State (and I can't believe I'd ever write that in my life time) but completely rolled Tennessee. Saban is slowly but surely working his magic, which is only suited for college football, and getting this team to the level he expects them to play at. I will be one of the few not surprised if they Roll Tide all over LSU this weekend.
12. Hawaii Warriors (19)-Hawaii gets rolling along, throwing the ball like Warren Moon was their quarterback and they were playing in the House of Pain. Two out of these next three weeks is their first big test since , well, all season. They have Fresno State at home this week, and then they go to Nevada and then come home to play for the WAC Championship more or less against Boise St. I wonder what happens if they go undefeated, would they get the BCS treatment like Boise did?
13. Michigan Wolverines (17)-Who would have thought at the beginning of the season that Michigan would have fought their way back into the rankings and looking like the team we all expected them to be? This is a great thing, especially if they beat Ohio State cause this does nothing but help Oregon since they beat Michigan earlier in the season. I know I'm not the only one who thinks it would be a felony if Mike Hart doesn't win the Heisman.
14. UConn Huskies (N/R)-The UConn Huskies have entered into my top twenty five after beating South Florida. Wow, I never EVER thought the day would come when I would be putting UCONN of all teams into a FOOTBALL top twenty five. Apparently we have officially entered into Bizaro world this year, first Appalachian St beating Michigan, now this. They only lost to Virginia by a point and very well could have been undefeated at this point, scary.
15. VA Tech Hokies (13)-I thought they had it won, I was FINALLY gonna give the Hokies some credit for beating a good team. Then they decided to pull a Randy Moss and leave the field before the game was even over, what the fuck is wrong with you?! I know it was a messy game cause of the weather and all, but come on, you cannot give up a ten point lead in the fourth with less then 3 minutes to go. Damn lucky I didn't just boot you right off this list.
16. Boise St Broncos (22)-They beat my home town Bulldogs fairly well, continuing their dominance over Fresno St. I don't think Fresno St has beat Boise St in at least five years. I actually can't remember the last time Fresno St beat them, but I'm pretty sure I was at the game but perhaps it was another team don't remember. Anyways, Boise St is looking solid, without any trickery and it will be a blast to watch them play Hawaii in a few weeks.
17. Wake Forest Demon Deacons (20)-I watched the majority of this game on Saturday at the Top Shelf in DC with some passionate Demon Deacs. Extra pleasure for CityCat and myself was watching Wake Forest just demolish Butch Davis. I will say this, the linebacking corps they have are ball hawks who made at the very least 2 interceptions. One was on the first play of the game, the second was run into the end zone for a touchdown. This is the ACC team no one is looking at, and they need to.

18. Georgia Bulldogs (N/R)-I've never been that big of a fan of the Georgia Bulldogs. I always felt they were overrated, being an above average team, but never a true national title school. They have been living off those Herschel Walker years for decades now, but it was a great pleasure to see them beat Florida this week. I'm no fan of the Gators, and to see them with three losses is a true joy. I also find it funny that people think that with three losses they should still be in the title mix, get over it. Teabow is a running back playing quarterback and one big hit from say Chris Long and we'll know what kind of man he is.
19. USC Trojans (9)-A tough year for the Trojans, they can't get healthy to save their lives and they've lost two games for the first time in quite awhile. Oregon pretty much dominated that game, no matter what the score says. Though we did see what the freshman phenom has in him and what he will hopefully do for the Trojans next year, one where Sanchez will be the starting quarterback one assumes.
20. Auburn Tigers (24)-I'm trying to determine what is going on with the Tigers. It almost feels like they've had a personality transplant mid-season and they're playing with heart and passion now. Though I honestly have to question Tennessee Tech being scheduled this late in the season. What, was Arkansas A&M not available? Did Richmond or Delaware tell you to buzz off they'd rather play the armed services?
21. Florida Gators (8)-If we continue to hear this Tim Teabow Heisman talk I think I'm gonna vomit. I'm not going to write long on the Gators, I'm just saying if two old acquaintances surprise everyone and beat Florida, I told you first. After all the ole ball coach would love to show them up and it could be Bobby's last hurrah.
22. Clemson Tigers (N/R)-Isn't it funny that Clemson and Auburn both seem to have had the same personality transplant? That Spiller kid has a really good chance at ending up as something special. They get a week off at Duke, but then comes the buzzkill where they could end many teams' dreams whn they have Wake, BC at home and end at South Carolina.
23. Tennessee Volunteers (N/R)-Fulmer, the most overrated coach in college football, had to have one giant hard on after beating Spurrier in double OT on Saturday. Congrats Fulmer, you finally beat Spurrier, sadly for you though your team is still garbage and you still can't spell Citrus without UT.
24. Oklahoma St Cowboys (25)-Another hard fought victory this week and the Cowboys continue to respond to their coach's passion with some of their own. I don't have a doubt that this coach will have this team so hyped up for the Sooner game that we may see one of the better college football games this year.
25. Virginia Cavaliers (16)-They are barely hanging on to the top twenty five by a thread. You cannot lose to NC State, you just simply can't. I don't care about any excuses you have, you lost to the Wolfpack and that cannot and will not be excused.


SayHey Kid said...

Dude your killing me!!! Put BCU where it belongs, that in the top 2. They beat a top ranked Hokies team. Sure it was ugly, but Ryan played some great 2 minute football and thats all that matters. That and their 8-0 record.

Interesting choice selection for ASU. Cal is better, i agree. Decent call. But you know my thoughts on BCU

OSU- God I wish someone would beat em. Michigan is our last hope. And homefield advantage hasnt been very useful for the Wolves

Yeh, im rolling my eyes. Texas should be top 15, but not top 10.

Colt Brahnon is flat out good Hawaii isnt half bad either.

Mike Hart for Heismann. Even when Michigan loses he has an amazing game

VTech gave us all a reason to pretend chock to our Hokie friends. WTG uhmmmmm what the hell is a Hokie?

F*CK WAKE FORREST!!!!!! Thats all i gotta say about that

I love where you put Georgia!! Not quite top 15 but they gave us all the upset we were hoping for
this weekend.

Yeh, USC kinda fell off the radar. They are playing the same QB 2-step that ND is playing. Last i saw, didnt work out so good for ND

Tim Teabow- Next great lefty QB. Remember, he is only a sophomore. This is coming from the biggest Gator Hator youll ever meet to.

To be honest, im shocked you have UVA top 25. They did have some good wins, but your right, cannot lose to NC State

For shits- Florida State dominated Duke the way Tech couldnt a few weeks back. We have BCU followed by Tech. If we shock the nation and win these 2, we could regain top 15 status! Both games are on the road i believe. We also have Florida in 4 weeks. Tough end of season schedule.

Shane Rollins said...

BC hasn't impressed me yet. They've won, but so has Kansas and I like Kansas' wins more.

Texas was moved up because everyone around them lost and they still found a way to win, even if ugly.

I'll consider Teabow a great QB when he plays like a QB. Right now I'd put seven in the box against Florida and make Teabow beat you with his arm.

UVA is in there by a thread, and I don't think any other close team could beat them. They got caught with their pants down against NC State.

You beat those two, and you're top twenty five, yes. You beat Florida and you may be top 15. You also have the chance to lose the next four games as well. Florida St, with a losing record? Never thought I'd see the day.

SayHey Kid said...

Yeh, if not for the Emerald Bowl and beating UCLA last season, it would have happened. Im not gonna lie, we have a rough road ahead.

Like Dock said, we have an amazing QB recruit next year. If he plays to potential, he could bring us a ring.