Monday, October 29, 2007

New Yankee's Skipper

"WOW" is all I can say. We all knew it was coming soon and we all knew it was gonna be a close call, but Joe Girardi, 2006 Manager of the Year, is now the NY Yankees manager. I am a bit shocked with this, althought I shouldnt be. Perhaps im just that big of a Donny Baseball, errr Don Mattingly fan. This is a good and bad move. Good that Girardi is AMAZING, let me repeat, AMAZING, at coaching young talent. He proved he can mold raw talent into All-stars with the Marlins. That, and he is a Yankee. He played in NY during the rise of the NY dynasty. He taught Jorge Posada everything he knew about the 2 spot. He has rings and glory. That and he knows how to handle the NY media. Whats the bad SayHey??? The bad is that this job was kinda promised to Mattingly. Mattingly was groomed by Torre and was a bench coach for a couple years, learning the ways of Mr. Torre. Now that Mattingly is passed over, he could easily leave the organization. If he leaves, the rookie hitters will suffer. Mattingly is ready to manage and it wouldnt shock me if he left and perhaps took the Pittsburgh or LA Dodger gig.

Regardless, this move is JUST what the Yankees needed. Hank Steinny already said they are going in a new direction; havesting and molding the minor league system and being a little more fiscal. Who better to lead a bunch of young kids and a few with star power than Mr. Girardi. I applaud this move, yet moarn this because I am a huge Mattingly fan. Again, he deserved it, but you cannot be upset with the placement. This is like choosing a Mercedes or a BMW or a Ford or Chevy. Needless to say, ill be cheering for the Yankees alittle bit more, now that the BeanSox ego's have risen above and beyond Yankee fan. That and Arod opted out of his contract and will no longer be a Yankee.


Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe said...

They did the right thing here. Haven't you heard of the curse of Donny Baseball?

SayHey Kid said...

Very good point!!!

Dews said...

Is that when your back goes out sometime in your mid 30's causing you to suck ass?


Must be a NY thing cause Keith Hernandez got bitten by that bug too :)

Dews said...

Oh, no play for Mr. Graybeard!


Shane Rollins said...

Actually, Mattingly was only a bench coach starting last year, before him was...Girardi.

Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe said...

I thought Mattingly was there for 2004, The Single Greatest Collapse in the History of Sports and Everything Else, Ever.

Girardi was there from, what, 1996-98 or 99? If I had a team with a managerial opening, I'd give Girardi a chance, especially if I were about to start a youth movement.

Any word on where Tony Pena will end up?

SayHey Kid said...

Mattingly was the bench coach for the 2006 and 2007 seasons. As for Girardi, your right about the years.

I think Pena will stay, he didnt have much of a shot at the job to begin with. I have an thought that Girardi may bring some of his old Marlin coaches with him. Would be great tho, they are aggressive as hell, thats what the Yanks need.

I think Girardi will be successful if Hank keeps to his word and works within the organization. Not sure if Joe can handle a lineup full of ego's. That, and Jeter, Rivera, and Posado will mos def stay. They all like Joe.