Tuesday, October 30, 2007

NFL Power Rankings Week 8

We're just about halfway through with this regular season and there are still a few places where no team has taken firm control of their division. I think the only two divisions where no one has any question about who is going to win it is the AFC East and AFC South, ever other single division is up for grabs.

1. New England Patriots (1)-I think I've figured it out, the reason why we've seen maybe the most determined team ever in the NFL. Why they've just been killing people and have been intense in the fourth quarter when they're up by 40. All that talk that everyone wanted to say about their previous championships being tainted because of "spygate" fueled the fire and now they're out to prove you all wrong.
2. Indianapolis Colts (2)-This is an impressive team, they're easily a head above everyone else in the NFL. Even with that, they're still a head below where the Patriots right now. I know their defense is more physical right now, I still don't know if they can stop the Pats offense this week. The Colts are at their level from last year, the Pats are gunning for the label best ever.
3. Dallas Cowboys (3)-A bye week for Da Boys, so nothing too much to write. They did the smart thing and signed Tony Romo yesterday to a big contract, exactly a year to the day he started his first game for them, so kudos. I don't know if they can keep it going, but they're not gonna choke like a Tom Coughlin team. Wade Phillips is a damn fine coach and he's not gonna take his foot off the gas pedal now.
4. Green Bay Packers (5)-I heard an interesting stat last night during Monday Night Football, and it wasn't that one of the Packers linemen is a member of the Justin Timberlake fan club. Their receivers lead the NFL in yards after catch and it was never more prevalent then last night. Two huge touchdown passes by Farve, both were caught about 20 yards down the field and turned into 60+ yard scores.
5. Pittsburgh Steelers (4)-A decent win this week for the Curtain against the Bengals. They cooled their offense down and continued to impress everyone in the NFL with Mike Tomlin's coaching ability. You can't deny that the Rooneys know how to find a head coach that will be around for at least a decade. I can't wait to watch them kill the Ravens on Monday Night.
6. Tennessee Titans (6)-Another game, another win, never pretty. I saw parts and my heart goes out to Vince Young and his stats. I'm pretty sure his wide receivers dropped more balls then they actually caught. I would say the Titans first round draft pick is going to be a wide receiver, but is there any in this draft worth a first round tender?
*we interrupt this rankings report for a fire alarm*
7. Jacksonville Jaguars (7)-I don't know how they won. I look at the numbers for Quinn Gray and I have zero clue as to how they won. Did they import the Navy football team to play the game? Perhaps they had the Air Force offensive playbook? I don't know how, but they managed to snatch a victory.
8. New York Giants (7)-It was ugly, raining, slow and plodding, hey it was an English football game! They manage to continue to win, but saw an interesting fact. Tom Coughlin has always gotten this team to 5-2 every year he's been there, now starts the free fall from grace. We'll see if he can keep the ship afloat in a tough NFC East, or he will dig his own grave before next season.
9. Detroit Lions (11)-Excuse me? The Detroit Lions are in the Top Ten after beating the Chicago Bears. The Lions have SWEPT THE BEARS THIS SEASON. I know everyone is talking about how nutty Jon Kitna seemed at the beginning of the season, not so nutty now. The Lions are 5-2 without Barry Sanders, the end is definitely nigh.
10. San Diego Chargers (12)-Well, it looks like Norv Turner has somehow found a way to just be an O-Coordinator for this team and they look like their devastating selves once again. Sadly this didn't happen prior to the Patriots game, as that is what we are measuring everyone up against this year. They keep this up we can assume who the final four teams in the AFC will be.
11. Cleveland Browns (13)-The Cleveland Browns played the Patriots tougher then anyone else in the NFL has so far this year. We have won two games in a row for the first time in four years. Not too many teams have a passing attack like we do at this point and our defense is starting to learn how to tackle. I wonder if we'll get respect once we beat the Seahawks this week.
12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (14)-Ah, so close Tampa Bay. I hear this was the first game this year that Jeff Garcia threw interceptions, I guess that speaks a great deal as to how this Tampa Bay team has been winning, with as few mistakes as possible. Sleeper NFC Champion if there ever was one.
13. Carolina Panthers (9)-Vinny Testaverde, son of Brett Farve apparently, showed everyone how to beat the Colts. A long and sustaining drive that keeps Peyton Manning off the field. The Panthers took 11 minutes for their first drive, and their only score of the game. If Vinny doesn't win comeback player of the year, which will be his eleventh or so, it will be a crime.
14. Washington Redskins (8)-I guess Joe Gibbs and the rest of the Redskins don't like apples too much, they prefer them as applesauce. I guess Joe wasn't lying when he said they were the biggest underdogs ever, since they got beat like the sisters of the poor. Hell, the Dolphins didn't get beat that bad by the Patriots, and they have a rivalry.
15. Kansas City Chiefs (15)-A bye week for Herm Edwards and the Chiefs. I don't know if this will help or hurt this team, time off didn't help the Rockies any. This team's defense has to stay healthy or their season is done, since the defense is the portion of the team that is winning their games.
16. Buffalo Bills (16)-Another tough and hard fought victory this week for the Bills. Dick Jauron is doing one of the best coaching jobs I have ever seen. If they manage to stop Carson Palmer this week, will teams start paying attention? It looks like they may split the QB job between Losman and Edwards, which will be interesting as they both bring something to the table and makes teams plan for two different styles.
17. Seattle Seahawks (17)-A bye week for the Seahawks, two weeks to prepare for my Browns. I don't know if they needed that much time to plan, but they definitely needed that much time to recover from injuries. They have a few former Browns (Russell and Frye) who should help them, but I don't know if they can win without Alexander running the ball well.
18. Denver Broncos (21)-We saw last night what has kept the Broncos from being a league leader in the AFC. Stupid turnovers, especially when you're on the one yard line going in for a touchdown. This has happened to them every game they've lost, but they hung with NFC's finest so there is still some life in this team, but just barely.
19. Arizona Cardinals (18)-The Cards this week get Tampa Bay in what SHOULD be a NFC Playoff preview, but it's only if the Cardinals can fix their sloppy play. Turnovers and penalties are the Achilles heel of any football team, and the Cards have had more then their fair share. They need to get Edge running so Kurt Warner has time to throw, he's not the most mobile QB ever.
20. Philadelphia Eagles (25)-Their defense was able to stifle Adrian Peterson and take out almost every quarterback on the Vikings roster, but they still almost lost the game to the Vikings. I don't know if that is good news for the Vikes or bad news for the Eagles. I know this, this team is not very good when Westbrooke is not in the game.
21. Houston Texans (19)-This team was showing so much promise at the beginning of the season to get trampled like they were. They need to sit Matt Schaub until he is healthy, as the hurt Matt Schaub cost them the game. Their defense is probably one great secondary player away from being one of the elite players as DeMeco Ryans is becoming one of my favorite football players, as he turned out as well as I thought he was going to.
22. Baltimore Ravens (22)-A bye week for the Ravens, does this mean Steve McNair is healthy and there will be no need for Kyle Boller? Ogden also seems to be close to being back full time, which will help their offense, but who knows with the rash of injuries seen throughout the league this year. Roster depth has become the more important then usual this year, and the Ravens are lacking.
23. New Orleans Santis (26)-The Saints looked like their old selves this week against the Niners as Brees and Colston found each other finally with what felt like the first time this season. As Reggie Bush continues to remember how to be a running back, they may still have time in a lackluster NFC to make a big play towards the playoffs.
24. Cincinnati Bengals (24)-They fought valiantly against the Steelers, but it was to no avail. The loss of Rudi Johnson and basically their running game has turned this team into a one weapon team, and their defense needs to be sent away to the land of misfit toys. I think they have enough to beat the Ravens, and this bye week may be used to refocus, but they need to rediscover who they are.
25. San Francisco 49ers (23)-The flashy pick this year to win the NFC West, and a few playoff games, the Niners have fallen upon hard times. My best friend, a Niners fan, declared that Vernon Davis sucks. No, I told him, he doesn't suck, he's just covered like a mother because there are no other receiving threats on that offense. The way to beat the Niners is to put 8 in the box and hound Dilfer and Smith all day.
26. Chicago Bears (20)-Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Even their stout defense can't carry this team, not as long as they have absolutely zero answers at their quarterback position. They have receivers, but no one to get them the ball. Benson probably could run the ball, but everyone is letting the Bears beat them through the air, which they cannot do. Time to put in Orton Lovie, and look for a QB in the offseason.
27. Oakland Raiders (27)-A tough loss this week, but almost every week has been a tough loss for the Black Hole. I don't understand why they are waiting to put in JaMarcus Russell. I don't care if he doesn't know the entire playbook, running ten plays well with him is better then the atrocity that is Daunte Culpepper.
28. Minnesota Vikings (28)-This team has such promise, their have a young and hunger defense that swarms the ball. They have the best rookie offensive player (who isn't a lineman) in the NFL, but he can't do much when there is no QB to make teams not put 8 in the box. Brad Childress should make a play for Donovan McNabb as he can rekindled his fire so to speak in the land of the Norsemen.
29. New York Jets (29)-Word on the streets is Mangenius has finally come to his sense and is dropping the Chad Pennington Project in favor of Kellen Clemons. It will be to little to late, especially after losing what is likely your best defensive player for the season. But hey, look on the bright side, you'll have a high draft pick to spend on an offensive lineman such as Sam Baker or Jake Long.
30. Atlanta Falcons (30)-They had a bye week this week, and good for them. They more they escape from the spotlight that is on them this season the better. Joey Harrington doesn't flourish under the spotlight, he only flourishes when surrounded by Ducks, which you don't have so you're screwed Petrino. With the third selection the Atlanta Falcons take Brian Brohm, Quarterback, Louisville.
31. St Louis Rams (31)-We saw glimpses in the first quarter of what everyone was expecting this offense to be this week. Then Stephen Jackson went out, again, with injury. Then Marc Bulger was squashed by a 300 pound lineman, and came back with a bad hand. I think between them and the Dolphins, they have the better chance to win a game, but not by much.
32. Miami Dolphins (32)-What can we say, everyone is talking about how teams may be looking to acquire Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor in the offseason since the Dolphins may be looking to get rid of them. Are you really gonna sit there and let Cam Cameron rebuild your team? If so, you better give him the benefit of the doubt and let him complete his task. Can we say, Matt Ryan, Quarterback, Boston College is the first pick of the draft yet?


SayHey Kid said...

Yeh, I think every anti-Manning fan will be his biggest supporter Sunday. I know I am. Really hoping that BB smug look is wiped off his face.

Steelers are looking like a poor mans Colts. And in my book, thats pretty damn good.

Tenessee WR have claimed the title of "butterfingers", once held by the Seahawks for the past 5 years. Lendalle White is good to!

Bears fan should hide their heads in shame. I mean the Lions??? I guess next year Kitna should promise a super bowl. His 10 win predicition is coming awfuly close to reality

Give the Chargers credit, they manhandled 2 injured QB's. Schaub is good, but not when he is banged up the way he is. Let the man rest!! That and im sure they really regret passing up Bush last year. What part of NEEDING A RB did they not understand

I cannot believe even I think the Browns have a shot at the playoffs simply by their performace against NE. Funny, DA is a second year pro and has success. All these other "inexperienced 4 year pro's" are considered to inexperienced to play NE. Wierd huh? Congrats to Cleveland, but you gave up 24 vs the Rams?? Wasnt it you that said the Seahawks "blew it" when only giving up 6 to them last week?? Hmmmmmmmm?????

Shocked you have Washington 14 after losing that bad. Sure its NE, but I keep hearing that Washingtons Defense is THAT good!

I cant give Denver to much crap, their number 1 receiver is Stokely and there RB has to pay 9 different moms child support for his 9 kids. It can be distracting!

Saints had our number. I cannot argue with it.

Vernon Davis has potential, but when your triple covered, its tough to get looks. He did score his first touchdown of the year though. We are just underachieving like a mo-fo, i cannot explain it either. Smith did throw close to 200 yards, thats what i call improvement

Its kinda cool for Ted Ginn jr, his first career TD came on foreign soil. Thats something Ted Ginn Sr can be proud of. Dolphins did manage to make a game out of it, to bad Feely missed that 30 yarder in the first quarter.

Shane Rollins said...

We only gave up 20, and the difference between our game against the Rams and the Seahawks is we played the Rams when they had both Jackson and Bulger in the game, the seahawks had neither.

Mario Williams is a key part of a very improved defense in Houston though. The score is misleading in San Diego since half of it was scored by the defense.

SayHey Kid said...

Very true, but Bulger and Jackson are still banged up, hell, jackson should never have played that game to begin with.

Williams is improved, but that running game is non-existing. Texas has always had a decent Defense, but they gave up alot points. This happens when your offense goes 4 and out every play.