Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Mob versus the KKK- Round 1

This is actually really neat of a story and im shocked the FBI still wont own up to this. A witness, Linda Schiro, says her ex-boyfriend, mobster Gregory "The Grim Reaper" Scarpa was recruited by the FBI to serve as muscle, to get information to the whereabouts of the 4 missing civil rights workers in 1964. . Ok first of all, you have seen all the mobster movies; Goodfellas, Last Man Standing, Casino, Bugsy, Donny Brasco, etc. and you know what mobsters do for information so why not??? Why not send some American badass's to the south for some good ole fashioned justice and KKK/Nazi beatings. Well, apparently it "allegidly" happened. And all the Grim Reaper had to do was jam his gun in some poor rat bastard bigots mouth for the truth, hence how the bodies were recovered. Now this isnt just a random story, this rumor has been going around in the mob underground for decades.

Man I love it!! In one corner, men who are inspired to do what they do for money, power, women, and most of all respect VERSUS hillbillies from the south who are so cowardly they cover themselves up with sheets and bigot and hate people other than arian and southern christians. Now i dont condone what gangsters do but if i were to choose one evil, id choose them, especially when its a bout with a guy nicknamed "The Grim reaper" vs Bubba the white supremised

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Dews said...

Not all that unprecedented actually. The CIA was using the Mob down in Cuba to plan hits on Fidel multiple times.

Similarly in LA with Free-way Willy, and in Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos with drug operations :)