Thursday, October 18, 2007

Week 1-6 NFL All-Pro Team

That's right bitches, it's time for my first NFL All-Pro team. You very well may be shocked by some of my selections, and in one case (offensive line) I can only judge by numbers and the limited amount of teams I have seen this season. I don't have access to which linemen have given up the fewest sacks so I did the best I could do there. One glaring fact to me is on the defensive side of the ball, where one team had three representatives, one at each level of the defense, impressive.

QB-Tom Brady, New England Patriots-This, of course, was the easiest selection out of any today. Let us look at his stats, 148 of 204 for 1,771 yards 21 touchdowns and only 2 interceptions. I know there are many Tom Brady haters out there, I'm marrying one, but the man knows how to play the game. I wouldn't be surprised when he was all done with football that we may consider him the greatest ever.

RB-Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings-It down right pains me to put this man here since he is a Boomer Sooner and unlike my lovely fiance I cannot just let their college slide, unless of course he is the anointed one by the name of Quinn. He had his coming out party against one of the top five defensives in the league last weekend. If the Vikings can ride his shoulders, they could compete even this year. A quick glance at his stats, 96 carries 607 yards with 4 touchdowns and a 6.3 average.

FB-Lorenzo Neal, San Diego Chargers-I don't really need to explain myself here, I don't care if the Chargers were off to a slow start. Lorenzo Neal, in my humble opinion, is going to go down as the greatest blocking fullback of all time and should be in the Hall of Fame one day.

WR-Randy Moss, New England Patriots-Apparently the Eastern seaboard suits him well as he seems to have come back to life and gasp actually playing hard 100% of the time. 40 catches 610 yards and 8 touchdowns, the man is so dangerous he's making Donte Stallworth look like an all star for the first time in his career. If he and Tom Brady stay together for a few years, how many records do you think they can break?

WR-Braylon Edwards, Cleveland Browns-It warms my very soul to know that there will actually be a few Browns in the Pro Bowl come February. Braylon has shown that he was worthy of being the third player selected having 29 catches 552 yards and seven touchdowns. The Browns offense has been damn impressive this year and has been torching secondaries all over the league. Edwards making clutch catches, breaking away from corners, and holding onto the ball is a big reason why.

TE-Antonio Gates, San Diego Chargers-I really wanted to put Sgt Winslow in this spot, but there is no denying that Antonio Gates has been the Chargers offense up until this last week. He has 43 catches 547 yards and 3 touchdowns, leading tight ends in pretty much every category. Where Winslow has played like the warrior he is, Gates has been the rock the Chargers clinged to until Superman found his cape.

T-Joe Thomas, Cleveland Browns-A big reason why this offense has life, for once, is the play of the rookie from Wisconsin. The Browns has only given up a handful of sacks, the majority of those coming against the first game of the season when this was a completely different team. The kid has looked poised and handled himself well against the Patriots.

T-Marc Colombo, Dallas Cowboys-The rest of the selections were linemen from teams that have the stats that show their offensive line has done a great job. This means I selected Colombo as the Cowboys representative as they have done an outstanding protecting Romo and getting those rushing yards.

G-Logan Mankins, New England Patriots-Call me a homer all you want, I went with the kid from Fresno St who solidifies that interior line of the Patriots. Whenever I see them play, he is mentioned at least once a game for some kind of phenomenal block that I cannot overlook.

G-Steve Hutchinson, Minnesota Vikings-I give this to Hutchinson because Peterson hasn't run for 600 plus without the help of his linemen. Being the best known, best paid, lineman of the group gives Hutchinson the honor of being on my All Pro team.

C-Jeff Saturday, Indianapolis Colts-Maybe I'm the only one who doesn't seem that same drive in the Colts as we all saw last year, but Saturday is still the anchor, the rock, the head coach of an outstanding offensive line who also has a rookie playing tackle who almost made this list as well.


DE-Aaron Kampman, Green Bay Packers-The Packers have one loss, but their winning not only because of Farve but because their defense is severely underrated. Kampman comes in with 29 tackles and 5 sacks, one of the top stat makers in the NFL for a defensive end. He causes all kinds of chaos for the other team and still finds ways to make plays, he was an obvious first choice.

DE-Justin Tuck, New York Giants-I knew many expected Osi in this spot, but he had one really good game, the rest he's just sort of been there. Tuck on the other hand has 5.5 sacks himself to go with 27 tackles. Now it may be teams are paying attention to Osi more, but whatever it is Tuck is taking advantage of it and making plays.

DT/NG-Jovan Haye, Tampa Bay Buccaneers-The Buccs defense has been reminding teams of their Super Bowl year, and it all starts in the middle with Haye. He has 28 tackles and 3 sacks, great numbers for a defensive tackle. Some may expect Haynesworth, but his numbers honestly don't even come close to those of Haye. He is the disruption that is causing this defense to thrive and gives it something they've been missing since the departure of Warren Sapp.

OLB-DeMarcus Ware, Dallas Cowboys-The star of the Dallas D is without a doubt DeMarcus Ware. He is their very own version of a blend of Lawrence Taylor and Howie Long. They're able to line him up in some many different ways to attack the offense really gives Dallas a benefit they've been missing. Wade Phillips is using Ware like he used Merriman in San Diego and it is working wonderfully.

ILB-Nick Barnett, Green Bay Packers-The second of the three Packers players on my all-pro team here today. Barnett is killing people with 56 tackles, 1.5 sacks and 2 interceptions. If Green Bay adds one may playmaker to that linebacking corps they might have a better corps then Baltimore and Chicago. It all starts with Barnett who apparently is always where you want him to be.

ILB-Barrett Ruud, Tampa Bay Buccaneers-You know all that chaos and disruption that Jovan Haye causes? This man is the recipient of that chaos with 62 tackles 1 interception 3 forced fumbles and 2 fumble recoveries. Teams tend to focus on Derrick Brooks, which hasn't helped he almost made this list, leaving Ruud free to reign hell all over opposing offenses. Everyone is crediting Jeff Garcia and the job he is doing, which is impressive, but this defense is the reason they're winning right now.

OLB-Donnie Edwards, Kansas City Chiefs-I know San Diego fans hate seeing this here next to the words Kansas City. I wish AJ Smith would learn that just because a player isn't old doesn't mean he can't play, read Junior Seau and Rodney Harrison. Donnie Edwards has been the man with 47 tackles 1 sack 1 interception and 1 fumble recovery. I'm sure he's the type of player Herm Edwards loves and it looks like he's out to prove to everyone he can still play.

CB-Eric Wright, Cleveland Browns-I know it's odd to see a Cleveland secondary person on here, but most of the yardage being given up against Cleveland is coming from the safety positions, or when a linebacker is on someone. Wright is turning into a shutdown corner who is one of the best run supporters that I've seen in a very long time. 44 tackles and 1 interception puts him second on the team with tackles, right behind D'Qwell Jackson who is one of the league leaders. This kid is going to be a pro bowler for years to come, if he can stay healthy.

CB-Marlin Jackson, Indianapolis Colts-I almost put Darrelle Revis here, but he has registered zero interceptions where Jackson has 43 tackles 1 interception 1 forced fumble and 1 fumble recovery. It feels strange to put a Colt on defense, but here he is all the same. He has played admirably and has help shut down teams to keep the Colts undefeated.

S-Atari Bigby, Green Bay Packers-If you haven't seen this kid play yet you are surely missing out. The original gamer loves to knock people out and has put up 45 tackles 1 interception and2 forced fumbles. I absolutely love watching this kid play almost as much as I love Battletanks. If I could chose one player on the Packers to be on my team it would be Atari, and not just because Boomer Sooner Brodney Pool is the living shits either.

S-Sean Taylor, Washington Redskins-Even though Taylor can cause some off the field problems, he has evolved into one of the top three safeties in the NFL today. He may only have 19 tackles but he does have 4 interceptions (tied for the league lead) and one forced fumble. Teams avoid them so their wide receivers don't end up in the hospital. I see what Gibbs is doing with picking The Ron, two players who absolutely LOVE to hit and don't usually get beat is the ideal duo to be your safeties.

K-Kris Brown, Houston Texans-The dude hit three consecutive 50+ yard field goals in a game this year. Yeah, Nick Frost has ice water for blood, but Kris Brown nailed 3 fifty yarders in one game, scoreboard.

P-Andy Lee, San Francisco 49ers-He pretty much is in the top of every punting category in the NFL, including a 74 yard punt. Plus, he is definitely getting plenty of practice punting for the Niners and is being bothered one iota by it.

KR-Leon Washington, New York Jets-I really wanted to put Josh Cribbs here, and he very well may deserve to be here, but Leon is averaging 36.4 yards a return and has two touchdown returns to his credit. A Florida St star, perhaps the best running back to come from there since Warrick Dunn.

PR-Devin Hester, Chicago Bears-We all know the story on Hester, 19.4 yards average with 2 touchdowns, nuff said.


SayHey Kid said...

Loving the Andy Lee love.......he was the sole reason why Baltimore didnt run up the score. Twice in 2 attempts he kicked the ball out at the 1. Nice to see a Niner do well this season.

If not for Miami's blundering speacial teams, id put Ginn there as the best KR.....but, you dont get points for consecutive holding calls. Good call!

I cannot agree with Eric Wright. Sure he is good but when that D gives up so many points, your bound to get a whole lot of tackles and the occasional pick. He is good, but not all-pro good. not yet at least

Shane Rollins said...

When he shuts down Randy Moss for a week, yeah you're good. The points are being given up on folks who are being covered by the safeties, look at the game scores the last few weeks. Number 3 receivers and tight ends

Dews said...

no way man, Hester returns punts AND kickoffs for me. You can't kick it out of bounds on the kickoff afterall...

think I'd have Steve smith ahead of Braylon Edwards to, at least for now. History may change that very soon though.

Also, where is Mark Brunell???


Shane Rollins said...

Steve Smith isn't in the top five for any relevant stat category for wide receivers. He still may be the best WR in the league, but he has no QB and that hurts him.

Yes, he returns both, but his big plays come on Punts. He is dwarfed by Leon's return average where his is only just under 24 yards. Hell, Cribbs averages 31 yards a kickoff

Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe said...

You cannot seriously put Braylon Edwards ahead of Plaxico Burress. No way.

Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe said...

Or Houshmandzadeh. How could I forget Housh?

Shane Rollins said...

50 more yards and a higher per average catch then Burress.

50 more yards and 9 yard higher average the TJ.

As for Chad Johnson, higher average catch and 4 more touchdowns then Chad.

Larry Fitz, 6 more average yards and seven more touchdowns

The stats merely don't lie

SayHey Kid said...

Just because Smith has no QB doesnt mean he is less of a QB. he puts up amazing numbers now. How should that effect him in the future?? But agreed, Steve Smith should be ahead of Edwards.

SayHey Kid said...

Err less of a WR........Hell, if anything, he should be considered an even better WR for making plays with no QB.

Shane Rollins said...

One's ability to play can prevent them from making an all star team. Obviously Randy Moss' talent didn't diminish when he was in Oakland but obviously he isn't putting up the same numbers. Since he had the same talent level, does that mean he should have always made the pro bowl?

SayHey Kid said...

Moss gave up. Of course you dont make an allstar team when you simply play on your own terms. Smith plays hard day in and day out. Look what he did when he had a good QB....phenominal numbers. With a bad QB he is still putting up allstar numbers

Shane Rollins said...

True, good numbers, but numbers still not better then Braylon Edwards. The only stats that are better is receptions and longest catch, everything else Braylon Edwards is beating him at.

Let's not forget, Derek Anderson is no Tom Brady either.

SayHey Kid said...