Monday, October 22, 2007

World Series Predictions

Time flies when you having fun. This has been a rather interesting postseason so far. Had some universally-agreed upon, hope they happen upsets in the Yankees and Cubs. Had some upsets with the Rockies and the uhm Rockies. I cannot be happy nor sad with my predictions. I am 3-3 in predictions so far. If I was this good at predicting college football id say send me to Vegas.

It is such a breathe for fresh air to see Colorado make it to the world series. I gotta say, I enjoy this team. I like the lineup top to bottom and this teams bullpen. Matt Holliday is proving to the world he is an MVP that can actually dominate the post-season. Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire and A-Rod could only wish to have this kind of post-season success. Todd Helton, Troy Tulowitzki, and Brad Hawpe can easily provide the home run when most necessary. The Rockies also have some pitching. Who would have thunk it? Francis, Jimenez, Morales, and Fogg are damn fine pitchers. At least this year that is. That to go along with a solid bullpen and ace closer Brian Fuentes. There is no fluke that this team went so far. They are well balanced. HOWEVER........this team has no experience at this arena. They are not used to a global spotlight and being the center of attention. I dont see this being a huge issue, but it doesn't help either. ALSO, I am sick and tired of hearing people say that their 8 days of rest is a disadvantage. How is that a disadvantage??? They have TONS of momentum, they have time to prepare, and better yet, they are healthy and rested. Id say this is their invisible 26th man on the roster.

As for Boston, Congrats go out to this team for pulling of yet another comeback. Not only did they maintain their posture, but they played smart baseball. Beckett will be more than ready to pitch game one and Schilling will be ready for a game 2 start. That, and Manny being Manny and Big Pappi trying to upstage the Babe and the Iron man as the best 1-2 punch in all of baseball post-season. They are as hot as hot can be. Greased lighting as Mickey would put it. And who would have thunk it. J.D. Drew playing to his contract. I knew FSU produced good ballplayers other than Brandon Webb!! Youk is also playing great baseball. But they have holes in their lineup. Pedroia is in a slump and Varitek forgot what that C on his jersey meant. He is playing some poor baseball as well. As for the pitching. Still the best pitching in baseball right now. 1-3 that is. Can you imagine Wakefield pitching the big game at Coors field??? Me neither, automatic Rockies win if that were the case. But the Sox have a great bullpen and Mr. Papalbon.

With all that being said, this has the makings of an amazing world series. OR another shutout from an AL East team. The NL west still has a bitter taste in their mouths thanks to the San Diego Padres in 1996. My heart says Rockies, but the mind is looking at the Red Sox experience. This pains me to say, but Boston Red Sox 4 Colorado Rockies 2.


Shane Rollins said...

C doesn't mean Choke?-The Yankees

SayHey Kid said...

Dynomite Drop-in Monty!

Livingamongmorons said...

Spot on. Sox 4-2, if it takes THAT long. I think this is a mismatch.