Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Blog O Dome

Apparently Vancouver has a ingenius idea when it comes to the homeless and drug addict problem they have in their city. I know Rambo took place in the Northwest, but I had no idea that Brian Dennehey had won the Chief of Police job in Vancouver.

See, I can't understand the right-wing mindset that thinks peace and prosperity were an utter HELL. Seriously people, peace and prosperity should be what you attempt to achieve not burning of your civil rights and constant war.

I love that the idea of relying on the kindness of strangers is the bright idea brought to you by the people who think abstinence only education will stop teenagers from having unprotected sex, or sex at all for that matter.

Surprise surprise, Katie Couric is not a reporter she just reads things off a teleprompter. A real reporter asks questions that have merit, not bullshit fluff pieces of a failed administration.

Glenn Greenwald is back again with another stinging piece, this time about Howie Kurtz and all those other beltway bastards who try to pass themselves off as "reporters" and "journalists". Kurtz and his ilk are the reason the journalism profession has been replaced by bloggers.

Finally, the day is getting closer to when Gonzo may actually be prosecuted for the fired attorney scandle. If I learned one thing from Law and Order, a innocent man preaches his innocence to high heavens, a guilty man lawyers up and keeps quiet.

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

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SayHey Kid said...

Katie Couric has no business being on television. She isnt credible and looking at that post, she is moron. How can she ask Plume if she enjoy the celebrity gained by being outed?? I dont get it!

I hope the noose is being tied up for ole Gonzo. Not knowing anything wont get him out of jail.

I hope to GOD hollywood doesnt ruin 300 with yet another shitty spoof movie. The only reason the Scary Movie franchise isnt AS bad is that they have the OG's of spoofs staring and directing em now.

Side note- Thanks for the blog-o-domes. I missed them last week. Keep up the good job Shane