Tuesday, November 13, 2007

2007 NCAA Bowl Predictions

Wow, this was much harder then I thought possible. The trouble we're gonna face this Bowl Season, and which helps those of us who want a playoff system, is it's gonna cut close to whether or not there will be enough bowl eligible teams available. I don't know what is going to happen if there isn't, but it will be quite interesting.

My favorite match ups are the Fiesta Bowl, Capital One Bowl and Orange Bowls.

BCS Title (BCS 1 and 2)-Oregon and Kansas
Orange Bowl (ACC Champ and BCS at Large)-Clemson and LSU
Fiesta Bowl (Big East Champ and BCS at Large)-West Virginia and Boise St
Sugar Bowl (SEC Champ and BCS@L)-Kentucky and Oklahoma
Rose Bowl (Big10 Champ and BCS@L)-Michigan and Arizona St
Capital One Bowl (Big10 2 SEC 2)-Illinois and Florida
Gator Bowl (Big12 2 and ACC 3)-Texas and Virginia
Cotton Bowl (Big 12 3 and SEC)-Missouri and Georgia
Outback Bowl (Big 10 3 and SEC)-Ohio St and Tennessee
GMAC Bowl (CUSA 2 and MAC)-Tulsa and Central Michigan
International Bowl (BigEast and MAC)-South Florida and Miami(OH)
Chick-fil-A Bowl (ACC 2 and SEC)-Virginia Tech and Auburn
Insight Bowl (Big10 6 and Big12 6)-Iowa and Oklahoma St
Music City Bowl (SEC and ACC 6)-Georgia Tech and Alabama
Sun Bowl (Pac10 3 and BigEast 2)-Oregon St and Cincinnati
Humanitarian Bowl (WAC and ACC 8)-Fresno St and Florida St
*Armed Forces Bowl (Pac10 6 and MWC)-Mississippi St and Air Force
*Independence Bowl (Big12 7 and SEC)-Rutgers/Louisville Loser and South Carolina
Alamo Bowl (Big10 4 and Big12 5)-Wisconsin and Texas Tech
Liberty Bowl (SEC and CUSA)-Arkansas and UCF
Meineke Car Care Bowl (ACC 5 and BigEast 3)-Wake Forest and UConn
Emerald Bowl (Pac10 4 and ACC)-Cal and Maryland
*Texas Bowl (Big12 8 and CUSA)-NC State and Houston
Champs Sports Bowl (ACC 4 and Big10 5)-Boston College and Penn St
Holiday Bowl (Pac10 2 and Big12 4)-USC and Texas A&M
Motor City Bowl (Big10 7 and MAC)-Purdue and Bowling Green
Hawaii Bowl (WAC CUSA)-Hawaii and East Carolina
*Las Vegas Bowl (Pac10 5 and MWC 1)-Nevada and BYU
*New Mexico Bowl (MWC and WAC)-New Mexico and Northwestern
Papajohns.com Bowl (BigEast and CUSA)-Rutgers/Louisville Winner and Southern Miss
*New Orleans Bowl (SunBelt 1 and CUSA)-Troy and Michigan St
Poinsettia Bowl (MWC and Navy)-Utah and Navy

*-denotes bowl that took another team because conference did not have enough bowl eligible teams

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SayHey Kid said...

I agree, I think the Fiesta bowl is the bowl to watch

Orange Bowl- LSU will do to Clemson what they did the Tech. Sad day for ACC

BCS Title- I really hope your right on this one. This could be one of the all time greatest games

Sugar Bowl- Could be the closed games to watch

Rose Bowl- If Hart and Penne are healthy, AS could have some worrying to do

Gator Bowl- AK the Shane bowl- I smell an upset!

Outback Bowl- I doubt the NCAA will allow OSU to not play a BCS game. Prediction- This further enrage you prompting you to actually put a hit on someone other than John Elway

Chick-Fillet Bowl- Could be one hell of a good game. Tech has it in em to beat an SEC team, Auburn could be that team

Humanitarian Bowl- FINALLY, a game you and I will fight for. First time since 1989 that you and I are at war!! Welcome to the trenches my friend!

Champs Sports Bowl- Id buy this for a dollar. Could be my top 5 games to watch!

Hawaii Bowl- ECU will win regardless of the score. A party school in Hawaii, yikes!

Las Vegas Bowl is an oxymoron bowl. The Mormons in sin city (and yeh, Vegas is the largest region with em) This ought to be a true test of faith since joe smith and his magic hat trick

Overall-- Loving your matchups, lets just hope the season grants us these matchups. Anything can happen.