Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dews Live Report-Ignorance is the parent of fear . . .

Dews is currently on Capital Hill in DC looking for a job, but he sent me the following so that all of you can enjoy.
On the spot reporting on the "Save the whales" campaign on the hill. They look rough and on their way to the hart senate office building."

I know this is an important issue, but I can't shake the feeling that these costumes will not be treated seriously. To me the first reaction I have is memory of the viciousness that was Land Shark and the bloody trail he left all over the New England area.

I do hope Dews has his harpoon at his side, just in case some of those sperm decide to blow, as protesters tend to do in his neighborhood. That would be the last thing Dews could need, stranded on Capital Hill without the Pequod or even a good first mate like Ishmael.

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SayHey Kid said...

This is one of many DC oddities that Dews is looking forward to seeing...again.

Welcome back buddy!! Just keep reminding yourself that this is as normal as the Hill will ever get!