Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Barry Bonds MVP Next Year?

Barry Bonds has been offered a contract by the Washington Wild Things to play for them next season. Although Bonds would take a huge pay cut making this move he could become the best player in baseball once again.

Personally I found this very funny and would love to see this guy play for them and put up outrageous numbers. Although something like this would never happen it's awesome how this team is making a serious effort to land a guy like Bonds.

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SayHey Kid said...

I highly doubt this is a "serious offer". Alex Rodriguez was offered this not to long ago, by Toledo MudHens if i recall. Its a bs publicity stunt.

However, I cant know the Indy league to much. Ricky Henderson, the self proclaimed and globally agreed upon "Greatest Player Ever", played for the San Diego Surf Dogs for a couple of years and dominated at age 83.

It would be cool to see Bonds rack up 200 HR in a season. If I recall, there is little to no drug testing in that league.