Wednesday, November 14, 2007

CNN-Cena Update

Director of Public Relations Jennifer Dargan released this statement last night:
CNN felt that Mr. Cena's statement in the interview:"My answer to that question 'have you ever used steroids' is -- the only thing I can say -- I can't tell you that I haven't, but you'll never be able to prove that I have" was a more expansive and complete answer -- and that's why we used it in the first run of the program. And we stand by that decision. But, we added the other quote on the Sunday replay where Mr. Cena first denied using steroids. We did this because of his complaint and the attention it received so that viewers could see how he said it both times.

Sure there Ms Dargan, that's nice lil story you've told the sheep. My question to you is if you saw nothing wrong with the editing, why then did you alter the Sunday replay? Could it be that there may be a defamation lawsuit coming your way and you're trying to cover your asses? Vince McMahon has been sued plenty of time, he knows the score, and I don't think he'd be afraid of taking money from Ted Turner again.


SayHey Kid said...

What is wrong with our blog site?? I cannot comment without an error in which i lose my comment.

Anyway, my response in a nutshell. Before watching the unedited version of the interview he seemed guilty as sin. The unedited version clearly has him denying his use, and defending those who accomplish amazing things in sport who are quickly accused of juicing

Ms Dargan clearly has no reporting skills let alone a brain that could enact her to edit a clear piece of footage. She needs to go back to doing what she does best, and thats waiting tables at Hooters or stripping in some backwood titty bar.

Shane Rollins said...

No idea, seems to be working fine for me.

In all fairness to Ms Dargan, I doubt she was the one who actually edited the piece