Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"I Want to Kiss You!!!"

Even though there is a writers strike going on, Hollywood still keeps on chugging on. When I say chugging on I really mean hiding the fact that the industry is slowly dying. News flash- A conglomerate of writers who form a union will NOT write once on strike. In an effort to turn a blind eye, it has been announced that our good cowboy buddy (who proved Eric Cartman's theory that "All independant movies contain gay cowboys eating pudding" well before Brokeback Mountain) is playing Joe Namath in his upcoming biopic. Yes, im talking about Jake Gyllenhaal.

First off...."WHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY WHHHHYYYYYYYYYYY". Secondly, how come other greats got past up for this drunk stupid asshole? Now im not knocking Jake, hell Donnie Darko was a pretty damn good movie. Sure, Namath was good and predicted a superbowl win in 1969 but Namath?? Im sure to some i answered my own question but some will agree with me that this is beyond stupid. I can name about 10 others who deserve a movie. How about the Saints kicker with half a foot? Now thats a story. How about Vince Lombardi, Red Grange, or Pop Warner? Im sure they have movies already made but a remake would be better than this moron right?? Hell, give us Tark, Jim Brown, or Unitus!!

The best part of this movie concept is the chick who plays Suzy Kolber. The chick who Namoth wanted to drunk-make-out-with on Monday Night Football. For those of you who forgot, enjoy the drunkeness and slur talk.

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