Monday, November 5, 2007

NCAA Football Top 25 Nov 05

Well, this was quite the telling weekend wasn't it? Arizona St joined the ranks of the unwashed when their undefeated season was ended in Eugene. Ohio St exploded in the 4th quarter against Wisconsin who didn't have PJ Hill the entire game. LSU struggled against Bama to also win it late. Kansas took out a few decades of frustration on the Cornhuskers in one half alone, it was beautiful to watch.

1. Kansas Jayhawks (2)-I know the argument of Ohio St over Kansas is one of who's played better teams. The problem with this argument is that Ohio St hasn't played that many big teams either. Sure they beat "ranked" teams, but these were teams ranked in the twenties, which can be a cluster fuck. Kansas obliterated Nebraska, hell Notre Dame may have put up a stronger defensive battle.
2. Ohio St Buckeyes (3)-They were losing to a slightly above average Wisconsin team who didn't even have their star running back. I just have not been impressed yet by this football team. The next two weeks will tell me whether they are the real deal or not. Illinois has speed that could be deadly to a Luckeye.
3. Oregon Ducks (4)-If you don't think the team that is playing the best football in America right now isn't the Ducks you haven't been playing attention. I really hope this team doesn't become the Carson Palmer Trojans and get snubbed out of the National Title game.
4. LSU Tigers (6)-Another week and another game where LSU has looked human to me. I don't think they could hang in a game against the Ducks, they can barely hang in there with the Crimson Tide. Hopefully they lose the SEC Title game so it's not even an issue.
5. Missouri Tigers (9)-This Chase Daniels kid is for real. 420 yards and 5 touchdowns through the air and he can run. The Missouri and Kansas game feels like a Championship game, and it is, the winner goes to the Big 12 Championship game where they have to fight off Oklahoma.
6. Oklahoma Sooners (7)-I'm sure many don't agree with me that I put Missouri over Oklahoma, but Chase Daniels is just too damn good to overlook anymore. I've seen that Oklahoma can bleed, and Missouri has seen it too, and they want another shot at them.
7. West Virginia Mountaineers (8)-The top ten team that no one appears to be talking about anymore, I wonder why. Could it be that the Big East isn't as nearly as good as we all let ourselves believe a few weeks ago?
8. Arizona St Sun Devils (1)-Rudy Carpenter wasn't fully healthy and they didn't have their best running back, but championship teams over come that and win, sadly that was not the case for the Sun Devils who still may get to play in the Rose Bowl, which is a nice consolation prize.
9. Texas Longhorns (10)-Quit your bitching now, I don't care how close it got, they still won so they move up when other teams move down. Jaamal Charles is playing like a man possessed, one of these days teams will stop playing prevent against Texas in the fourth quarter.
10. UConn Huskies (14)-They trampled Rutgers this weekend and all of a sudden a team we thought had a good record merely because of schedule is starting to have the appearance of a contender. They lost to Virginia 17-16, so basically they're two points away from being undefeated. That running back of theirs, Donald Brown, is a hell of a football player.
11. Hawaii Warriors (12)-A bye week for the Warriors before they host Fresno St this week. Their first real big challenge for the Warriors in a while, but they always have the home field advantage against the mainland teams, damn flights. Pat Hill will give them the toughest fight this year...until the Boise St game.
12. Boston College Eagles (5)-A huge fall, I know, but they've been winning games by the skim of their teeth these last few weeks. I feel for Matt Ryan though, he's had to play in bad weather every week since I can remember. That's a good thing to remember to those NFL teams that play in bad weather areas.
13. Michigan Wolverines (13)-The under achievers did it again and almost shot themselves in the foot. They dominated the beginning of the game, and then let up. Is it just a Wolverine mentality when you have so much talent you don't have to try your hardest and end up fucking up?
14. Boise St Broncos (16)-They do enough, say beat Hawaii, and enough teams fall, they can end up in a BCS Bowl game again this year, and I can't wait to watch them beat another team. Maybe then writers and voters would start to pay more attention to the West Coast.
15. VA Tech Hokies (15)-Whoever had the audacity to steal those Hokies jersey needs to be bitch slapped for that stupid idea. That doesn't give your school a good image, luckily they saved it by donating jerseys to the Hokies to wear for the game, sadly it didn't turn VA Tech's QB into Reggie Ball.
16. Georgia Bulldogs (18)-I know everyone else has them ranked as high as ten in some places, but you let Troy put thirty points or so on you and you want me to be impressed? Just because you know how to beat Tim Tebow doesn't color me impressed. I don't know if you could beat the lower half of the ACC right now.
17. USC Trojans (19)-This is a young Trojan team that appears to lack the real leadership they had under Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart. I don't know what it is, I just don't get the feeling from Booty or Sanchez that I got from those two, then again they were extra special players. Next year will be scary how good that offense will be with some experience.
18. Auburn Tigers (20)-This is a tough team to read as always, but they managed to win this week so they've moved up. I'm not sure what it is, but when I watch their games I'm just not impressed with their gameplay. It just doesn't seem sound to me, the talent is there, but the word sloppy may be appropriate.
19. Florida Gators (21)-Hey, Florida, how can you let Vandy of all teams put up 22 on you? I know you won by 20, but I would run you harder then you've ever been run before for letting VANDY put up 22. Also, beware the first team that really hits Tebow, we'll see what kind of player he is then.
20. Clemson Tigers (22)-This team is looking like it is a year away from being in the top five and contending for the national title. CJ Spiller, dear Christ is this kid fast and elusive. I will go on record now and say he is an early front runner for next year's Heisman, along with Tebow who better not win this year.
21. Virginia Cavaliers (25)-This season the Cavaliers have won five games by two points or less. Either this team has ice water for blood or they are the luckiest thing Al Grohl has had since he lost his virginity all those years ago. For the life of me though, I can't figure out which.
22. Tennessee Volunteers (23)-Nice win there Fulmer, you beat up a no nothing school late in the season to give your team a win to keep them in a big bowl hunt. Now, do us all a favor and stop scheduling sisters of the poor at the attempt to keep your own job.
23. Alabama Crimson Tide (11)-Nick Saban, you tricky bastard, you had LSU on the ropes and you let them get up and knock you out. Worse then that, you were abusing Matt Flynn like he was Jodie Foster in the accused and stopped, why? I understand he was one of your recruits, but it's called tough love there sparky.
24. Arkansas Razorbacks (N/R)-Darren McFadden and Felix Jones did their best this weekend to remind all of us who in the nation has the best running attack. I don't know if McFadden will win it or not (the Heisman) but it may end up being one of the closest contests voting wise in recent memory, this kid is sick.
25. Wake Forest Demon Deacons (17)-I had the I guess you would say pleasure of watching this game on Saturday and I though Wake outplayed Virginia, but let their foot off of their throat way too early and had to rely on their kicking game to win, which is never a good thing. I know some folks (SayHey) will think Florida St should go in this spot, but they didn't beat Wake did they?


SayHey Kid said...

I cant argue with KS as the number 1. They have managed to keep the drama away from their record

If OSU beats Michigan, they will go undefeated.

Oregan Ducks looked simply amazing vs AS. Im actually shocked you have them 3 and not 2. But still, what a team!!

Its only a matter of time until LSU breaks down and slumps like WVU. Your right, the games are to close for this team.

WOW, number 9 for Texas....every other poll ive seen has them out of the top 15. But as long as they win right?

UCONN!!! wow i mean they have been the Boise St of this year, but the Big East as a top 10 force while owning a loss to UVA. Cant really agree with this choice.

It seems proper that Boston would blame it on the weather, seeing how the Noles dont EVER play in weather conditions under 80 degrees. Ryan looked awful as the FSU Defense finally played to potential.

Michigan- Played like crap against a team even OSU tore to shreds. But a win is a win!

I agree, rule 1. Never steal the jersey of the QB who ALMOST went to play for you. Yes, Im talkign about Glennon, who FINALLY played like he is supposed to. Congrats Hokie nation. Rest up, the Noles are coming for ya!!

Only reason i disagree with Georgia is that they spanked Florida and did a fun dance in the 1st. Cut them some slack bro!

Tebow finally looked like a Heismann candidate. Cant blame him for Vandy's offense, well exept for that 1 int he threw.

UVA is all about Long.

Ok, Wake lost and you only let them lose 1 spot in the rankings?? I dont see your logic there. Teams have dropped 10 spots losing to better teams. Whyyyyyyyyyyyy would they still be top 25 ????

Florida State- Not saying we deserve a top 25 spot, despite upsetting BC. But a win over VTech next week would get us back in the top 25. Remember, all of our ranked wins came on the road. Alambama and BC and perhaps VTech??

Shane Rollins said...

Yes, they lost to UVA, but they lost by ONE point. Have you watched any of their games? I have, this team can actually play.

Texas may be coming close to losing games, but they're winning. They are ranked that high because they can beat the teams who have worse rankings.

Wake was at 17, they lost six spots.

Michigan is a bunch of under achievers who didn't take the game seriously again.

Sure they spanked Florida, but that's been the sole bright spot. Florida has 3 losses, they're far from a unbeatable.

You beat VA Tech then yes, you'll be in the Top 25

SayHey Kid said...

True, but I never thought id see the day UCONN cracked the top 10. Just color me shocked.

As for Wake, your right. I was comparing the AP poll and not yours, my bad. Even though every poll has Wake out of the top 25 =).

Michigan can still play, and the fact they have won 6 in a row proves that they are taking football seriously. They didnt keel over and die after 2 big losses like many thought they would