Monday, November 5, 2007

The Haves and Been Hads

God damn do I love Real Time with Bill Maher. The man just hits every point in a idiot proof way that I hope some would be able to pull their heads from their collective rectums and see the truth in the world. Then again, he also has a great plan for the fall holidays:
Maher: “New rule, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas must be combined into one single super-holiday called Thankshallowismas. That way you only have to get together with your batshit family once, in a costume, for candy, presents, and a big turkey dinner. Then it’s everybody into the den to watch football until your drunken uncle calls your cousin a whore.”

You know, Warren Buffett, world's third richest man, should use some of those riches to achieve some good in this world. I am not one to support bribery, but if it would be the cause to get taxes correct and medicine for all the people in America, I'm all for it.

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