Tuesday, November 27, 2007

NFL Power Rankings Week 12

Did anyone else watch that game last night? That punt that just stuck in the ground better then a lawn dart was simply to awesome for words. Another week, another tough game for the Steelers. Keep this up Pittsburgh, that rate you're going we'll be AFC North Champions before you know it.

1. New England Patriots (1)-How much do you think the Eagles actually hitting the patriots had to do with the score of that game? I haven't seen anyone hit the Pats like that all season. They also managed to get to Tom Brady. So the idea to beat them is to hit them and get to the quarterback, in other words part of my defensive philosophy.
2. Dallas Cowboys (2)-Well, this very well may be the last week we see Dallas at the number 2 spot. They have the Packers this week at home, and don't you wish you could watch the game? I know I wish I could, and I'd finish it off with a nice cold Budweiser.
3. Green Bay Packers (3)-The battle for home field advantage happens this week, and history is not on the Packers side. Brett Farve has done a great many things in his career. The one things he has never done though is win in Dallas. He is 0-8 lifetime in Texas Stadium.
4. Jacksonville Jaguars (5)-Stop shaking your heads, yes I moved the Jags above the Colts. I for one cannot get that Chiefs game out of my head when it comes to the Colts and the Jags are killing people on the ground. MJD is my favorite small pudge back of all time.
5. Indianapolis Colts (4)-The injury toll is beginning to take in Indianapolis. They have lost two of their three best players and the cracks in the armor are a lil more transparent then they were six weeks ago. They better hope Peyton isn't the next one to come down with a boo-boo.
6. Pittsburgh Steelers (6)-Two weeks, two tough games, against teams they should be blowing out if they want to be considered part of the elite in the NFL. That game though last night was wild and I would have loved to have played in it. That's what makes a football game awesome.
7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8)-The Redskins still have yet to beat Jeff Garcia, even if he only played a portion of that game. Gradkowski came in and did his best Trent Dilfer impression and let the defense win the game. Though it was definitely apparent that this team will go nowhere without Jeff Garcia.
8. Cleveland Browns (9)-The bad bad Cleveland Browns, the baddest team in the whole damn town. Brandon fucking McDoanld, this kid is going to save the Browns from the perpetual nightmare which is Daven Holly. Two weeks now the Browns defense has shown some semblance of life, might as well nickname them the Orange Zombie Army now.
9. Seattle Seahawks (11)-Do I believe the Seahawks are really a top ten team, hell no. They do though play in the NFC West and that means they get to play the Rams and Niners twice a year which helps their record substantially. Hell, they're gonna be fighting till the end of the season to make the playoffs.
10. New York Giants (7)-Ouch, how's that ass Eli? Did Coughlin take plenty out of it after the game, or is he not allowed to talk to you since you love being babied and treated better then you really are. I know San Diego fans right now are thrilled that you passed on their city, they have enough problems right now.
11. San Diego Chargers (16)-Speak of the Super Chargers and they shall appear. I wonder if the Chargers wished that you could trade draft picks for coaches. I know the fans would volunteer their first round picks for the next three years to replace Turner and Contrell.
12. Tennessee Titans (10)-I suppose this is the downward portion of the Titans season. In this week's mock I think I have the Titans taking two wide receivers in the first three rounds, do you think that is excessive at all? I didn't think so either.
13. Arizona Cardinals (12)-Kurt Warner played the game of his rejuvenated career, only to have the game lost in overtime in the end zone. The rest of the NFL thanks you for letting the Niners win and getting the Patriots farther away from Darren McFadden as possible.
14. Philadelphia Eagles (19)-Are we all finally seeing now what some of us have been saying for years about Donovan McNabb? He's an average quarterback, at best. The Eagles have constantly let quarterbacks come in when McNabb gets hurt, perform better, then have Donovan and his mother bitch and moan until the other player is gone. Yeah, sounds like a real team player.
15. Minnesota Vikings (22)-I don't think a single score has made me happier this year then what the Vikings did to Eli Manning and the Giants. I've been saying this defense is for real, and they proved it against Eli. I actually have the Vikings running the table and making the playoffs.
16. New Orleans Saints (21)-The Saints have seemingly found life, but then again they played the Panthers who I'm amazed won four games at the beginning of the year. They have a lot of questions in the offseason, namely, what is the identity of this team, does anyone know?
17. Detroit Lions (15)-I'm sorry Jon Kitna, I've looked into the future, I've seen your schedule, I made my predictions and I apologize. You have one of the toughest remaining schedules left, and I don't have you making the playoffs. I know you wanted to, but the hill is just too steep for you to climb.
18. Houston Texans (14)-I love how this team's defense is becoming a force in the NFL. If they manage to build a secondary in the offseason, watch out next year. Of course they also need a legit running game and better blockers, but a big force in the secondary should be priority number one.
19. Cincinnati Bengals (23)-There seems to be some life in the Bengals yet, then again they weren't exactly playing the Patriots either. The offense has been there pretty much all season in some kind of form. The defense though is still missing like Britney's underwear.
20. Buffalo Bills (17)-I love that the FOOTBALL GOD, Marv Levy, has brought back that sense, that attitude of Buffalo Bills football. They're starting to remind me of the beginning of that Bills era, and this time there is no team in the NFC East who is totally dominate. Sadly though, their time it's in their own backyard.
21. Washington Redskins (18)-A sad week for Redskins fans, and you worry about if their heads will be able to focus on the game this week. The game is at home this week as well so expect a great deal about Sean Taylor, a huge loss for that defense and the NFL in general.
22. Denver Broncos (13)-The Broncos reverted back to those colors they were flying before they beat the Steelers. This is a young football team in certain areas, and very old in others. They bought brand new parts, like a spoiler, and put it on a car with a rusted radiator and a leaky gas line.
23. Kansas City Chiefs (20)-They fight, very hard, and are beginning to get the personality of their coach. If they spend their draft on an offensive line, this team will be a huge threat next. Herm Edwards is still the money man for great post conference interviews.
24. Chicago Bears (25)-Thank you Chicago for beating the Broncos, it always gives me a nice warm down low tickle to know that the Broncos have lost. Also, can I interest you in a brand new, never been used, Notre Dame quarterback? It will cost you your 1st, 2rd and 5th round picks next year, but I know you could use it.
25. St Louis Rams (27)-We're beginning to see the offense that some fatcats believed would be there all season and lead the Rams to the Super Bowl. I think the talent positions are there, but they need to patch up that offensive line. Defense is average at best, but o-line is a bigger need right now, ask Marc Bulger.
26. Oakland Raiders (29)-Good job Oakland, you took out the Chiefs and finally won an AFC West game, which usually isn't hard for everyone else. This is the big unveiling this week though, time to show off that brand new sports car you bought at last year's draft. I can't believe I'm cheering for an LSU player on Sunday.
27. New York Jets (24)-I've heard it since Sunday, the Jets are nothing but frauds. Well, duh. Did you actually think their beating the Steelers meant this team was going to be good? If you did, for shame. This team has promise, but not enough to win on a regular basis this year.
28. San Francisco 49ers (31)-Well, you keep winning and the Patriots will keep falling farther back in the draft, and that's a good thing. Of course, you win the last game of the season but four wins is enough to keep them away from Darren McFadden.
29. Baltimore Ravens (28)-What was that this week, five in a row? I know it's close to that number, but I don't care enough about you to actually look it up. Hell, Baltimore itself can burn to the ground for all I care, you're a speed bump for me on my way north. Oh, and feel free to give Troy Smith a shot a QB, you have nothing left to lose.
30. Carolina Panthers (26)-I never thought I'd ever put the Panthers this far down on a Power Rankings chart. Must be what sports writers felt like when they put the Niners that far down for the first time. I could also interest you in a quarterback as well, a Golden Domer, if you're interested.
31. Atlanta Falcons (30)-The Falcons had life there for one quarter against the Colts. Then I don't know if their Turkey kicked in or the Colts' turkey wore off, but hey at least you can say you were beating the Colts at one point and right now you need as many moral victories as you can get.
32. Miami Dolphins (32)-I know you were hoping for at least a tie last night in Pittsburgh, but alas the dream lives on. I want you to continue on, to lose all 16, so that maybe the 72 team will then shut the fuck up and never bother us again with their inane ranting, raving, and partying about going 14-0.


SayHey Kid said...

That was a hell of a crazy punt. MNF spent a good 5 minutes talking about it. Was pretty cool!

I wish i could argue the Pats at 1, but they are unstoppable. The Eagles did exploit weaknesses. Hopefully Pittsburgh and NYG paid attention

I am shacking my head at the Japs placement. But they havent done anything to dis-prove your 4 spot. Controversial but good call

Steelers- I argue this because they were at home and only managed 3. The Giants put up 17 in London in similar weather conditions vs the Dolphins. There is no excuse for 3 points! hell, I can argue the Bucs and Browns holding a higher ranking

Browns- Wow, they are for real. Anderson pleads his case to remain the starter week in and week out. Lewis is simply a master at the RB position this year.

Giants- They lost to a Petersonless bad team when IN NY and you gave them a top 10 rank?? I dont see your logic here. 4 ints, 3 for a td. Ouch Town, population Eli.

The Cardinals lost 1 BLOODY SPOT??? Come on man where do I start here?? The botched field goal, the poor clock management, Giving up 37 vs my beloved Niners in Arizona, or the fact a 2 time MVP fumbled the ball in the end-zone. Dude, wha happen??

I agree with you 100% regarding McNabb. AJ Feely looked pretty damn good, which means McNabb has looked pretty damn bad all season

Lions- Quoting Jaws MNF, this team is not used to winning. Ill give them that. I can see them being one hell of a threat for years to come. Just not this year

Redskins- Sad week indeed. The team looking good, oh, other than Jason Campbell. I keep telling everyone that he is not good. I see no growth or potential to grow. How many game deciding INT's does he have to throw until people start to believe me????

Bears- Good Good win. Hester is the greatest special teamer of all time!! Now all they need is a QB.

You know I want to argue your placement of the Niners, but the sun does shine on a dogs ass once in awhile. Good spot.....FOR NOW! Dilfer looked REALLY good! again, refer to the dogs ass comment

For this week only id give the Dolphins a 31 spot. Porter not only INT'ed Big Ben but he did it in front of the Steeler team. Guy has balls!! That and they limited the Steelers to 3.....If they keep playing like this, they may win one.

Overall- I dont understand your logic for many of your spots, but you are a controversial fellow arent ya?

Shane Rollins said...

The problem lies in the fact that everyone behind the cards lost as well. They didn't fall as hard as they put up 30+ on a very good Niners defense.

It wasn't as similar conditions in England. Raining yes, but the field wasn't coming apart on them. Hell, the stadium would have been better off playing on the original turf, least that wouldn't have been coming out in clumps.

Hester is good, but he isn't Cribbs, who is still leading the NFL in return average. Sure Hester is returning them for TDs, but teams have stopped kicking to Cribbs, and he's one of the team leaders if not THE leader in special team tackles.

The Giants benefit due to losses behind them, that's the only reason they're still technically top ten.

I disagree, I do see progress from Campbell. He'd have great numbers if his WRs caught balls, but the interceptions have got to go. I don't care how long he's been ON the team, this is basically his rookie year starting.

I cannot in good conscious put a winless team higher then 32.

SayHey Kid said...

Cards did put up good numbers on us, but they still lost to a 2 loss team. Ill grant you that teams behind has similarly embarresing losses

The problem with England was that it was raining badly, maybe not as bad, but bad. But the field was not designed for 300lb linemen. The surface was like a a golf green, very short, hence no traction in tractionless conditions.

Cribbs is good, but he has sizzle and no steak. Hester has em both.

I think Campbell will be a continious debate between you, me, and Dews. He has potential but his numbers are stagnant and i just dont see improvement. Moss drops balls yes, but not the others. He has alot of talented WR's to throw to, he just cant put the ball in thier hands.

Dews said...

I have to agree with Shane on Campbell. I have definitely seen some potential there and that feeling is not coming from my being a fan (I can assure you, they have disappointed me far to much for me to turn a blind eye).

That being said, Skins receivers can't catch the damn ball, with the obvious exception of Cooley. There is no coincidence that he is their leading receiver.

Moss needs a psychiatrist, Randle El is decent, but we need him as a "slash" type to mix things up, then we've got a buncha scrubs in Thrash, McCardell, Lloyd (who suddenly lost his ability to catch a ball after leaving the west coast).

Caldwell is a great possesion receiver (having studied at the New England Patriots school of "How to kick ass"), but I don't see him enough...

Besides, haven't you heard? Its all Gibbs fault anyway :)

"No Joe, you don't have to take Portis out for a refuel, and no we do not have a pit crew...."

SayHey Kid said...

I dunno man, Caldwell led the Pats in receptions and yards last season. McKardell looked like he was 25 all over again on Sunday.

Redskins have a great receiving corp, but i saw alot of overthrows and piss poor throws to them.

Time will indeed tell.