Sunday, November 4, 2007


This may morph into a series of posts about this game, so stay tuned.

First quarter, 3:30 left: the officiating crew is out to get the Pats. First there was the alleged catch by Moorehead that was clearly out of bounds, but was thankfully overruled. Then there was this most recent pass interference call on Samuel. This is horseshit. That was the single most ticky-tack pass interference call of all time, especially after the Dallas Clark tackle in the end zone earlier. Bullshit.

I hate the Colts.

Second quarter, 12:00: Brady to Moss, touchdown. That was purely taking advantage of the mis-match. Randy Moss is 6'4". The guy covering him there, Tim Jennings, is 5'8". Hope to see more of that.

Second quarter, 8:58: again, Colts receivers are tackling Patriots DBs and getting away with it. Do referees go into the locker room at halftime and watch tape, correct their mistakes? That's 77 yards of pass interferences calls so far.

Second quarter, 2:57: Larry Maroney is emergent.

Second quarter, 2:00: I have a feeling we're going to see more of Peyton Manning in commercials than we will on the field. He is the most loathesome player in the NFL, even if he is generally genial and funny and a good quarterback.

Second quarter, 1:55: the first good call against the Patriots. Matt Light looked like he was doing some sort of MMA move. Awesome. Well played refs, you got one right!

Second quarter, 0:13: I cannot believe what just happened. Watching fly-over state people celebrate makes me want to vomit.

Halftime: 13-7, Colts. Kind of hard to believe that the Colts are leading and that so few points have been scored. I wouldn't count on the score staying the same. The whole reason Brady has been lighting it up this year is because he's still pissed about the AFC Championship game. What's troubling is that Addai has been running at will on the Patriots. Typically, the Pats aim to neutralize the best player on the field. So far, they've neutralized no one. If the Colts keep the running game going, its going to wear down the Pats. I expect a radical change in approach at halftime for the Pats.

Third quarter, 11:36: A sack and an incomplete pass has Brady fuming. The Colts are flying all over the place on defense, and they just saved themselves after Manning's INT. The Pats need to get something going here to shut this crowd up and the Colts down. Problem is, they're not getting a single call this game. It's absurd.

Third quarter, 9:00: every time Addai touches the ball, I'm afraid. Flag on Welker's run-back. Unsportsmanlike conduct on the Pats. Blocking a guy out of bounds. Damn it.

Third quarter, 8:23: "there's nothing to say about it except that it's terrific." Well said, Jim Nance. Randy Moss is amazing.

Third quarter, 1:03: Me: "Who names their kid Dallas anyway?" Roommate: "Some Asshole." Also, just now, Peyton took a shot down the field. Rommate's second zinger in a row as he asks where the flag is. Brilliant.

Fourth quarter, 12:33: this is as unbelieveable as the Colts winning the AFC title game last season. The Colts are playing well, yes, and they are executing the way that the Patriots tend to. Part of this is the officiating, which has led to the two field goals that are the difference right now (with the Colts knocking on the door right now). Damn it, Peyton sneaks in for the TD. This is truly shocking.

Fourth quarter, 8:51: I love the new LT commercial. It's about time we saw more of this guy. It was even funny. Love it.

Fourth quarter, 8:36: offensive pass interference on Moss. Even the commentators are complaining about this now. This is approaching epic proportions of badness.

Fourth quarter, 7:59: Welker TD, followed by the weakest set of high-fives ever from Bob Kraft. 20-17 Colts. We've got a game folks. Will someone please get started on classifying high fives? I think the folks at National High Five Day have started, and I submit the Bob Kraft high five as the epitome of the Old Man High Five. I shuddered.

Fourth quarter, 3:15: Faulk TD, his first of the year. There's still a lot of time on the clock, but they are up by four now. Time for a stand, and the Pats looked real good on the last drive. This is exciting.

Fourth quarter, 2:25: interception/fumble by Rosy Colvin. The re-birth of Peyton Manning Face. Stupid delay of game penalty on Colvin though. 24-20 Pats.

Fourth quarter, 2:00: HUGE first down to Welker. At the kneel-down moment.

This whole game turned from the Colts dominating with something like eight minutes left to go. The shots of the Colts on the bench right now show a completely crestfallen team. The thing you have to take away from this game is that the Pats beat the next best team in football while not playing their best game. No one but cameramen around Manning right now. These teams need to play again in January with the Pats playing their game and the Colts with all their offensive weapons back.


SayHey Kid said...

Yeh I Hate the G-Damn New England Territory Patriots. They are officially more hated by me than the Cowboys.

Yes Dewey, I am hating =). At least I can admit to that.

Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe said...

Yeah, yeah. I know the Pats are the most hated team in football right now (and the Sox are the most hated team in baseball right now). I'm just going to have to live with it until they stop winning and the hatred wears off. As far as these two teams go, I really don't care if people hate them. The Pats were HORRIBLE throughout my formative years, so its great to see them be the best franchise in football. Ditto for the Sox.

Can we please get over the regional name for the Pats though? If teams in the NFL were honest, they'd all be named regionally. They'd all either have a true regional name like the Pats (think Tri-State Jets) or a name like the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (think Washington Redskins of Westover, Maryland and the Greater D.C. Area). The Pats are honest about where they play. They are closer to Rhode Island than Boston, and they draw their fan base from Grand Isle, VT to Carribou, ME down to Pawtucket, RI and beyond.

Dews said...

Gotta say, the Sox Nation pisses me off, but I can't hate the Pats yet.

I respect Bellicheck, and I think its really funny that his mission is to spank the bejesus outta the NFL this year for punishing him for something everyone else does...

What can I say, I can respect em, even when they run up the score against my pathetic Skins.

SayHey Kid said...

But if your logic were so, teams prior to the NE Patriots conseption would have adopted regions instead of cities long long long ago.

Im sorry to argue the regions, CityCat really got me thinking when she first mentioned this in conversation during a Pats game. And well, when you put Shane and I in a room together, we elaborate more the brainstorming.

I dont think people hated the Redsox and Pats when they sucked, hell, when they were good. I love the Redsox chemistry and the fact they can sign quality FA and not sacrifice their farm system. Its the fact that Red Sox fans honestly believe that Redsox nation is now more accomplished than NY Yankees. They think there shit smells so nice and flowery, when im fact, the Redsox have ALONG way to go until they can act like Yankee fan. About 24 more World Series titles to go.

As for the Pats, I didnt REALLY hate them until they ran up the score last week with 2 minutes to go. That and your head coach is just so smug now that it makes Steve Spurrier look like Bill Walsh.

SayHey Kid said...

For shame Dews haha

Shane Rollins said...

For me I don't hate the patriots, I love the way they play football. They're selfless, play as a team, and demand perfection from each other. They're damn near that too.

For me it's the fans, the fans are the worst thing about the Red Sox, and many of them are Patriots fans. TRUE Pats fans, like one who can tell me who Andre Tippett is, I like. It's the bandwagon fans who only got on board once they began winning.

Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe said...

I blame that God-awful Jimmy Fallon movie for half of this mess.

Shane Rollins said...

Oh no, it was around before that Jimmy Fallon movie. It really got bad once the Pats won in 2002, then you had the bandwagon folks. Then you had the Sox win the series and afore mentioned shit don't smell attitude began.

I will respect a Sox or Pats fan if they know who Grogan and Yastrzemski is

SayHey Kid said...

I agree with Shane

There is a huge difference between Cowboy and Niner fans during their dynasty. Those fans were hardcore before Montana, before Aikman, and before Walsh/Johnson. Prior to their sucess there were no closet fans. All of a sudden NE fans popped out when they started winning and joined the bandwagon. The 2-14 Niners sold out every game in 2002. When the Pats went 2-14, you couldnt find a single fan.

The only credit I can give Pats fans are that they are not dome teams. I have VERY little respect for dome teams.