Thursday, November 8, 2007

Restructuring The NFL

That's right suckos, my restructuring of the NFL involves the creation of four new NFL teams to give the league a nice 36 teams. You're asking yourself, can the NFL handle it which I tell you, you bet your sweet ass. The key is to get put the teams in cities that are clamoring for football.

Los Angeles is a no brainer, it's the second biggest media market in the country and has no team. The colors are Red and Blue, reppin USC and UCLA, and I went with the Demons since they already have Angels.

Oregon is a great football state, watch an Oregon game if you don't believe me. They could support an NFL franchise and don't take away from any nearby teams. I went with the Pioneers, which goes with the Trailblazers idea. Green and Black reppin Oregon and Oregon State respectively.

San Antonio is one of those no brainers, especially since Texas is a die hard football state, and can easily handle another football team. If Florida can handle three, Texas can handle three with their eyes closed. I went with Soldiers cause of the Alamo, colors are Red and Yellow.

Finally you have the Las Vegas Bandits. I know everyone is afraid to put a team in Las Vegas cause of all the gambling, but the NFL can take the plunge and have enough people surround the team to make sure they behave themselves in sin city. The colors would be silver and gold, the color of money.

I also went back to the three division set up, as I always liked that system better. I would also up the playoff teams to 8, so no team gets a bye week. It's still division winners and then the five best teams remaining. There was also a switch, I moved Cincinnati to the NFC and Arizona to the AFC. I think you should have an equal number of AFC and NFC teams in a state if possible.

Now then, I like my previous idea of giving teams location and traditional rival teams that they have to play every year. Some teams have those games built into it, others may need to be created, especially for the new teams. In the following list I will give the teams and who those rivals are if they are not already in their division.They will have one "rival" in their conference who isn't in their division and one in the opposite conference. For example, the Browns would have Baltimore (AFC East) and Cincinnati (NFC Central) as their rivals. Dallas would have Washington (NFC East) and Houston (AFC Central) as their's. The remainder of the schedule (an 18 week season) would consist of five teams of similar record the year before, 3 from their own conference and 2 from the other.

AFC East
New England-Indianapolis and Chicago
New York-Pittsburgh and New York
Miami-Las Vegas and Tampa Bay
Buffalo-Portland and Detroit
Baltimore-Cleveland and Washington
Jacksonville-San Diego and Carolina
AFC Central
Pittsburgh-New York and Philadelphia
Cleveland-Baltimore and Cincinnati
Tennessee-Denver and Atlanta
Houston-Arizona and Dallas
Kansas City-Oakland and St Louis
Indianapolis-New England and Minnesota
AFC West
Oakland-Kansas City and San Francisco
San Diego-Jacksonville and Los Angeles
Arizona-Houston and Green Bay
Denver-Tennessee and New Orleans
Portland-Buffalo and Seattle
Las Vegas-Miami and San Antonio

NFC East
New York-Cincinnati and New York
Washington-Dallas and Baltimore
Philadelphia-Detroit and Pittsburgh
Atlanta-New Orleans and Tennessee
Tampa Bay-Los Angeles and Miami
Carolina-Chicago and Jacksonville
NFC Central
Cincinnati-New York and Cleveland
Chicago-Carolina and New England
Detroit-Philadelphia and Buffalo
Green Bay-Seattle and Arizona
Minnesota-San Antonio and Indianapolis
St Louis-San Francisco and Kansas City
NFC West
New Orleans-Atlanta and Denver
San Francisco-St Louis and Oakland
Seattle-Green Bay and Portland
Dallas-Washington and Houston
Los Angeles-Tampa Bay and San Diego
San Antonio-Minnesota and Las Vegas

There you have it, thoughts?


SayHey Kid said...

I swear someone needs to recognize VA as a sports town. Do you know Hampton Roads is the largest region in the country without a team?? Vegas would never work, its to coruptable.

I kinda like what you have, but you need to have Green Bay play Chicago twice a year no matter what. Its prolly the oldest rivalry in all of sports!! They have, and should always be, conference rivals.

Dews said...

Hampton Roads would only work when the ships are in port man! :)

Isn't like 80% of that area owned by the Feds?

I have a friend that teaches at one of the Portsmouth High schools there and gives me all the dirt afterall :)

Shane Rollins said...

The Bears and Packers would play twice a year, they're in the same conference.

Vegas could work, the NFL has a large enough security force to ensure that.

The problem with Hampton Roads is the proximity to Washington and Carolina.

Dews said...

I'm worried about the long-term feasibility of Vegas though. There seems to be only so long you can keep wasting that much water on a big patch of desert...

That and the transiency of the population. Wonder if you'd ever have a real "fan base" as opposed to just people in town wanting to see their team play the Vegas whatevers...

Shane Rollins said...

Vegas is actually one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Number 11 in fact since 2000. The other option for the Las Vegas franchise could be Omaha Nebraska, we know how die hard they are about the Cornhuskers

SayHey Kid said...

If proximaty was a factor, the Washington Nationals would never exist.

Dews- I grew up in HR, its a big military area but still has well over 3 million residents that are not feds