Friday, November 9, 2007

Restructuring of MLB

Shane really got me thinking about the whole restructuring thing, therefor I decided to propose on the the MLB. The last time we had a shakeup was about 12 years ago, which was absolutely necessary. I personally believe that was due to the Giants 100 win season in 95. Yes, the year we won 100 games and missed the playoffs. But you know sports fans, we do need another one. If the 2007 season taught us anything, its that baseball is back and baseball is inches away from regaining its national glory as "Americas past time". Here is what we need to do first:

We need 2 expansion teams and 4 teams to move: 2 cities that should have a team are no doubtingly San Antonio and New Orleans. SA is a fastly growing city with the means and population to sustain a franchise. New Orleans is questionable since people are moving out at a rapid rate. But they love their sports, they attend just about every event. I may get some heat for this one but hey, its along time coming.

Relocated teams:
The Portland Marlins- Uhm in Florida they had an attendance of 500 people at one point. This city does not deserve a franchise. They should move to Portland. Shane nailed it. This city is on the rise, they love their sports, and its only right that they get a team. Unless you want to call them the Trout or Seabass, Marlins may stick.

Omaha Rays- Simply said, Florida deserves no baseball at all. They are a football state and nothing more. MLB needs to plug a hole in the mid-west and why not send them to the college baseball Mecca. Omaha, Nebraska. This town bleeds Cornhuskers and baseball. Certainly this city could benefit with a sports franchise. That or Oklahoma City. Either way, baseball could dominate the Midwest if given a chance.

San Jose A's- Well, they are moving anyway but why not mention em. This move only helps the bay area cheer for the Giants more and more, BUT those who are not from Cali dont know that Freemont is an up and coming city. San Jose is rather close and they are the hub for that little metro rail called BART. This move can only help the A's. San Jose being so close, I would see them adopting that city name.

Hampton Roads Orioles- This is going to REALLY piss off Dews but look at this franchise. They are down right awful and have been for 10 years. Their fans are quickly jumping on the Nats train and there are more Redsox and Yankees fans in Baltimore than O's fans. Ever been to Camden Yards?? I cant even find an O's jersey anywhere, and if I do its a shredded up Moose jersey. Come on, get over it!! This team has history, so why not move them to a historical town. YORKTOWN, VA!!! or better yet, Norfolk!!! They need a team!!! they deserve a team!! Ever been there?? Its beautiful, well populated, and desperate for a team. Their AAA stadium sells out every game and their park is down right amazing. Think about it.

So back to re-alignment: I like the 4 division method. It works in football and basketball, why not baseball. I really like the idea of having a team earn a bye week.

AL East
New York Yankees
Boston Redsox
Toronto Bluejays
Philadelphia Phillie's

AL Central
Chicago Whitesox
Detroit Tigers
Minnesota Twins
Cleveland Indians

AL South
New Orleans Jazz (bringing it back old school)
KC Royals
Omaha Rays
Milwaukee Brewers

AL West
San Jose A's
Seattle Mariners
LA Angels
Texas Rangers

NL East
NY Mets
Washington Nationals
Hampton Roads O's
Atlanta Braves

NL Central
Pittsburgh Pirates
Chicago Cubs
Cincinnati Reds
St Louis Cardinals

NL South
Colorado Rockies
Houston Astros
Arizona Diamondbacks
The San Antonio Alamo (singular is kinda cool, works for Stanford)

NL West
SF Giants
LA Dodgers
SD Padres
Portland Marlins

In my defense for this madness, it is Friday and im bored.


Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe said...

Dews and I discussed this yesterday. I think that each of us should post our own revamp of MLB, get a discussion going.

SayHey Kid said...

Lets do it....Im open to suggestions and debate.

I know ill get one from Dews regarding my dissoving of the O's

Shane Rollins said...

I like some of the ideas, but not the switching of the Phillies and O's, especially since the Nats and O's are so close. I also wouldn't move the O's, whether the team is good or not the stadium is awesome, and there are diehards there. It needs to be sold to Ripken.

I'll post mine later today

SayHey Kid said...

Ripken could be the ultimate baseball owner. I like their move to VA since they would still be close enough.

But I look at the O's and they seem to be turning into Marlin fans and just not caring anymore.

I liked moving the Phills to the AL since they kinda dont fit any rivalries in the NL East anymore. The rivalry has diverted to Braves vs Mets and hell, next season with the Nats. The Nats are a main reason the mets got knocked out of the playoff picture.

Shane Rollins said...

True, but the O's still have the rivalry with the AL East. I think the Phillies still have a big enough rivalry with the NL East to warrant their staying in the NL

SayHey Kid said...

Very true, but the O's refuse to grow and keep pace with the AL East (I know its mostly Angelos) but Its time for a drastic change. History is all that is keeping the O's in Baltimore, and its time to progress

Phills were a tough one, but can you imagine them playing the Redsox and Yankees 19 times a year?? would be a FANTASTIC rivalry and the best 3-way races in all of baseball!!