Friday, November 2, 2007

S.C. Dems vote to keep Stephen Colbert off primary ballot

The South Carolina Democratic Party voted 13-3 to keep Colbert off its primary ballot. That is, without a doubt, the single most disappointing thing the S.C. Democrats have probably ever (I know nothing about the S.C. Dems, mostly because I didn't know there were any; consequently they could be much more disappointing than this).

Look, Colbert might be a comic, but at least he's using his comedy to point out the stunning retardedness of our political process and conservativism. How can this not advance the S.C. Dems' political goals? Can you imagine him on a stage with Hillary and Barack while in character? It'd be hilarious, and voters of all stripes would tune in. That means more people listening to Democratic ideas (between Colbert jokes). And you folks blew it down there in South Cackalacky.

If you want to complain, shoot an email to their executive director, Joe Werner:


SayHey Kid said...

Apparently the Dems feel he would still other Dems votes. And they are using "his comedy" as an excuse to barr him from the balet. My opinion, its STUPID. If he steals votes then its deserved. The Dem party is truely living up to its "do-nothing" status. We need a shake-up!!

Livingamongmorons said...

I agree with the decision. Choosing the next President is serious business. If Colbert wants to run for President, he should follow the rules and immediately give up his television program, as it falls outside the Equal Time requirements. This comedian-running-for-President gag is at least as old as Pat Paulsen, circa 1968. If Colbert thinks that he has anything to add as a candidate, let him get out of the studio and get his feet on the ground in SC. You don't get to run from behind a desk, sorry. If you did, Lou Dobbs would already campaigning hard for the Know Nothing Party nomination.

Shane Rollins said...

Problem with that though is the Colbert has been in South Carolina more recently (this past weekend) then any of the other candidates as far as I know.

I think it speaks a lot about our current crop of politicians when most of them would actually lose to Stephen Colbert