Tuesday, December 18, 2007

JOB Squad once again

So the Pro Bowl Rosters have been released and naturally I am not even close to pleased with some of their selections. Now I know a piece of this is fans voting, and I am happy to see some Cleveland Browns FINALLY on this roster (I believe it's the first year we've had two players since we came back) but there were some grave injustices, and not just when it comes to Browns players. I shall go down the roster as it is given to you on the page.

Brett Farve is a legend, he's the John Wayne of the NFL, but Tony Romo should be the starting quarterback of the NFC. I also think I'd have Jeff Garcia over Matt Hasselback, no I'm not bullshittin you.

How can you have Tory Holt over Marques Colston? Can you honestly said he had a better year? Don't give me the it's the fans choice who they want to see in the game. How many of you have actually watched the pro bowl in recent years?

I love Lofa Tatupu, but Patrick Willis should be the starting Middle Linebacker for the NFC team.

I don't know how you have Hamlin and Newman on a Pro Bowl team. Isn't the number one thing the Cowboys have to work on in the offseason their secondary? O.J. Atogwe should be on this list, he leads the NFC in interceptions, though he probably will make it taking over for Sean Taylor.

Can you honestly sit there and tell me Big Ben deserves to be in the Pro Bowl over Derek Anderson? No, I'm not asking you Steeler fan I said honestly aka unbiased.

Addai and Parker are fine, but over Fred Taylor or Maurice Jones-Drew? You gotta be shitting me.

I love Lorenzo Neal, but I could easily make the argument that Lawrence Vickers is more important to his offense at this point.

Another year another pro bowl snub for Sergeant First Class Winslow. Winslow and Gonzales is pretty much neck and neck statistics wise, one has helped his team get into the playoff race, the other has not.

Jonathon Ogden?! Is there a bigger name recognition selection then Ogden? Anyone who can sit there and tell me a tackle who hasn't played the majority of the year on maybe the worst offense in the NFL belongs in the Pro Bowl is so full of shit they should work for the Bush Administration.

I don't know what happened guard wise. I have no issues with the three selected, I just know a day or two before voting was over Eric Steinbach was winning.

I like Vanden Bosch and all, but I would have and did vote for Mario Williams, who leads the AFC in sacks as I type this. He also has more tackles then Vanden Bosch and Taylor.

Other then DeMeco Ryans, the votes were more or less name recognition. Actually, I don't know how James Harrison made the list as five other outside linebackers had higher tackle totals. David Thorton should have been recognized as well as DJ Williams.

Sean Jones was beat out of his deserving Strong Safety spot due to name recognition in Bob Sanders and Troy Polamalu. I like both those players, but Sean Jones has had a far more productive season.

Well, disagree as you wish, I just know I'm right.


SayHey Kid said...

I was alittle upset when i saw the roster as well. BUT, 2 Niners made it, including rookie Patrick Willis!! No doubt Any Lee was going, he is the best PUNTER in the game

I agree with everything your saying, Id like to add Marion Barber to the discussion. He carried the ball about 12 times a game and yet Earnest Graham was passed over?? Graham was amazing this year and only played half the season.

Anderson should have made the squad, but Cleveland fans dont vote and Steelers fans do. Its a shame though.

Shane Rollins said...

Actually it looks like fan voting played zero role this year. Eric Steinbach won the fan voting for guards, do you see him on this list?

SayHey Kid said...

Yeh, the writers and player votes had more pull than fans. Odd aint it??

Yeh, Steinbach, along with Thomas, should be Pro-bowlers.