Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Favorite Teams This Coming Weekend

The NFL has released "playoff scenarios" of what teams have to do to clinch a playoff spot this weekend. I was very happy to see that my very own Cleveland Browns need to win, and have Tennessee and Denver both lose their games (since ties rarely happen anymore). Therefore, along with my beloved Browns I will be rooting on my future hometown team, the Houston Texans, and the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs will be playing the Titans, which will be the toughest of the two games for the team to win. Their defense should be up to the task of limiting the Titans offense, the problem of course lies in their lackluster offense. I don't know how they can score points, but they are playing a Titans offense which has struggled this season. So I am calling upon Texas alumni, namely Derrick Johnson, to make some defensive plays that enable the Chiefs to rack up a victory. It is difficult for me to root against Vince Young, but I must do what I must to get the Browns into the playoffs.

The Texans go up against the Broncos, who I don't believe are nearly as good as their record indicates. Their defense is stout, and should play exceptionally well against a feeble Denver offense who is relying on another Texas alum, Selmon Young. Sage Rosenfels has the Texans offense playing well enough to beat the Broncos' defense that can be spotty at time and I believe the Texans can accomplish this task.

Then of course the Browns themselves must beat the third team vying for the final wild card spot in the Buffalo Bills. It helps that we will be playing at home, but the weather won't make a difference, they are from Buffalo after all. I would like us to concentrate on stopping a great run offense and make Trent Edwards make plays. I am a fan of this Bills team, but respecting them only goes so far, time to show the NFL the Browns are for real.

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