Tuesday, December 4, 2007

NFL Power Rankings Week 13

A very interesting, and somewhat controversial, week 13 in the NFL. We saw one game that was ruined by a bad call by the referees (Browns), one ruined by a bad call by the coach (Redskins), and one where a bunch of thugs want to whine and cry how they were screwed out of choking away a victory against the number one team in the land (Ravens).

1. New England Patriots (1)-Another close week for the Brady Bunch, though I wonder how much of it was the Ravens playing well and how much of it was the batshit crazy wind in Baltimore. You could tell on the hail marry how much the wind affected throwing the ball this game. Though the Patriots can't play this many close games without slipping up...can they?
2. Dallas Cowboys (2)-Well, they beat the Packers, and I didn't think they had it in them. Then again, they beat an Aaron Rodgers led Packer team, not the Brett Farve led team, but I guess that goes a long way as well. You knock out their big playmaker, it wins football games. They still have a big game at home against Philadelphia left.
3. Indianapolis Colts (5)-Much like last year their defense has begun to put it to the opposing teams when their offense begins to struggle. It will be interesting to see if they can keep this up during the playoffs, especially when they play in Foxboro in late January.
4. Jacksonville Jaguars (4)-A tough loss for the Jaguars, I had actually picked them to win the game, and they very nearly did. David Garrard is making Jack Del Rio look like a bloody genius, but the injuries are beginning to mount and it could be only a matter of time before it makes a big impact.
5. Green Bay Packers (3)-A tough loss for the Packers, good thing it came on a Thursday and Farve has those extra days to heal up before this week's game. Title Town must be happy though, Aaron Rodgers proved he can play so that might alleviate some of the worry that the fans have about what happens to the team when Farve retires.
6. Pittsburgh Steelers (6)-I was getting excited, they seemed to be struggling against the Bengals early on, but then they remembered they were playing the Bengals defense and began to lay it on. They still have the Patriots and Jaguars left so there's still a chance for Cleveland to catch them.
7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7)-Why do I get this feeling that this is one of the teams we need to be looking at as a serious NFC Title contender, yet I'm the only one who appears to be doing so? Jon Gruden is having what might be his best year as a coach, with a slew of injuries on both sides of the ball, and is still winning football games. If they start shocking people in the playoffs, you know where you heard it first.
8. New York Giants (10)-I thought for a while on Sunday that it would be the downturn for the Giants season, losing to the Bears and all. Eli Manning is beginning to regress into Tim Couch, but luckily the rest of the team is still finding ways to win football games. Sadly it's in spite of Tim Couch, not because of Tim Couch...errrr...I mean Eli Manning.
9. Cleveland Browns (8)-This game gave me that itch again, the itch to bring in Saint Quinn. Anderson had what was easily his worst quarter of football as a professional in the first quarter of Sunday's game. Now he recovered nicely and put us in a position to win the game, especially since we were screwed out of the victory, but does that mean we don't give him up if someone will give us a king's ransom for him?
10. Seattle Seahawks (9)-An impressive win on Sunday in Philadelphia against the Eagles. This team has some fight, and it comes from Hasselback. It doesn't hurt though that the Eagles defense allowed Shaun Alexander to look like Shaun Alexander of two years ago during points of that game. This Morris kid is turning into a nice lil back at the same time.
11. San Diego Chargers (11)-Some folks have already moved the Chargers back into the top ten fold, I'm going to wait one more week for that though. Yes, they will win the AFC West, but likely lose the playoff game. I'm not sold that this team has gotten over its Jeckyl and Hyde days, so until they win three or four in a row, I won't be sold.
12. Tennessee Titans (12)-Without a doubt the best football game Vince Young has played since the Rose Bowl where he won Texas the National Title...bitches. Now, imagine what Vince Young might do with a talented, young, familiar wide receiver from a certain college that he knows quite well. Yeah, that's right, Limas Sweed baby.
13. Arizona Cardinals (13)-Don't be too excited, you got lucky with that win. That was a touchdown and you know it. Kurt Warner, you may have found the fountain of youth in Arizona, but your wife still looks like your evil clone who is likely sucking your life force out of you while you sleep.
14. Minnesota Vikings (15)-Remind me never to interrupt writing my Power Rankings to watch a Chappelle Show clip ever again. Now all I can type is bitches, and yellow cake from Africa, home of fucking civilization. It's so bad, that all I can think about with the Vikings, who will make the playoffs, is that Purple Jesus is making Tarvaris Jackson look like an NFL starter right now.
15. Buffalo Bills (20)-So cheering for the Bills on Sunday almost got me jumped by the folks at the bar, and SayHey's girlfriend. This team has the fight of ever over exaggerated movie sport creation in the last twenty years. This team will be a playoff team next year, baring injuries of course.
16. Philadelphia Eagles (14)-Well, the Oregon Duck, AJ Feeley, came back down to Earth this week and had a very Harrington day, throwing four interceptions. Brian Westbrooke is Green Jesus is Peterson is Purple, as he owned the Seahawks for the majority of the game. As good as that defense is, the Eagles need to restock the shelves as heir expiration date is almost up on most of those players.
17. New Orleans Saints (16)-I have begun to wonder if the reason the Saints haven't been the same team as they were last year is that the team began to read their hype and to believe in it too much. It's a young coach, he could have let it slip, and it would explain why they haven't been playing to their full potential all year long. Drew Brees is better then he has shown us this year, as is Reggie Bush who should just be turned into a slot receiver at this point.
18. Houston Texans (18)-This team reminds me of the Bills in many ways, mostly though it's the fight they bring to almost every game they play in. That defense is two or three players from being an elite defense in this league, and their offense can make plays on occasion. A great draft this year, and they've had them the last two, will make the Texans contenders.
19. Detroit Lions (17)-Well, I hate to say this, but it appears that the Lions have come back down to Earth and may not make Jon Kitna's prediction of a ten win season. At this point I expect the Vikings to pass them and make the playoffs while the Lions sit home, scratch themselves and wonder what went wrong.
20. Cincinnati Bengals (19)-This is not a good football team...on defense. Their offense is still one of the best passing offenses in the league, while their running game is mediocre. With that many running backs you think they'd have some semblance of a rushing attack, but that seems to be on the bus to nowhere with the defense.
21. Washington Redskins (21)-A tough week this week, with the loss of Sean Taylor and then to lose the way they did to the Bills is heart wrenching. I won't apologize though for cheering the Bills, just because you lost a player to violence doesn't mean I'm going to cheer for you. The Broncos lost Darnett Williams on New Years in similar fashion and you don't see me cheering for the Denver Jackasses do you?
22. Chicago Bears (24)-You had it Chicago, they were in the palm of your hand, and you let the Giants slip away with a victory. That's the difference between this year and last year. Last year you won those close games, this year you can't seem to. A new QB is definitely in order for Chicago, but where do you go to get one?
23. St Louis Rams (25)-This Rams team is beginning to find itself once again, but sadly it is about seven weeks too late for that to make much of a difference. Then again, they do play in the NFC West, where anything goes and everyone theoretically still has a chance, except for maybe Trent Dilfer.
24. Kansas City Chiefs (23)-I don't know if Herm Edwards has enough draft picks to fix what is leaking on this ship of his. Offensive line and changing his defenses age so it doesn't resemble the San Francisco Giants this year are the big priorities, and you can only cover half of that in the draft, look for them to be big players in the free agent market.
25. Oakland Raiders (26)-My favorite comment of the weekend, "The Oakland Raiders, who have been on the clock since the season began". I don't know where I heard it, I think it was a score update on one of the sports stations. JaMarcus Russell looked impressive in his limited time, and I understand why you only put him out for part of the game, don't want to ruin next year but something stupid this year.
26. Carolina Panthers (30)-Welcome back to Planet Earth Carolina. Now, will you be staying long or will you be departing once again to Parts Unknown? Dainty Mittens and Son of Farve are hardly your answers at quarterback, but then again wasn't there a question about Jake Delhomme at the beginning of the season as well?
27. New York Jets (27)-I want to thank the Jets for proving me right that they never should have been underdogs against the Dolphins. God, I wish I had been in Las Vegas, I could have made some serious money on that game if I had taken the Jets to win and beat the spread.
28. Baltimore Ravens (29)-I know many expected the Ravens to move up in the Power Rankings after getting two yards away from beating the New England Patriots. Sadly though, I think this was one of those Herculean moments, like when a mother lifts a car off of her trapped child. Also, isn't it amazing how the Ravens seem to be the only team in the NFL who complains about things being said to them? Apparently teams and refs only say derogatory things to the Ravens and no one else...that or you all believe every word Ray Lewis says.
29. Denver Broncos (22)-A big drop this week for the Broncos, mainly because right now this is a BAD football team. Now they've been racked with injuries, but their offense looks less impressive then Notre Dame's this season. Of course The Rat won't be fired, but I would love to see the Jackasses struggle these next few years.
30. San Francisco 49ers (28)-I thought they may have begun to turn things around and get themselves deeper in the draft due to last week, then again it was wishful thinking and I obviously forgot what team I was talking about. You would think Dilfer would be used to having no weapons to throw to, but something is causing him to throw to, apparently anyone and everyone...except his teammates.
31. Atlanta Falcons (31)-Is there any wonder as to whether Bobby Petrino has his draft day card filled out with Brian Brohm's name on it? This team isn't THAT far from being decent again, maybe a year removed from the Dogfather will help clear their heads so they can get back to playing football again. Without a doubt though, it's the biggest obstacle a first year former college head coach has had to face in the NFL.
32. Miami Dolphins (32)-Where can one start with the Dolphins? They have the Bills, Bengals, Pats and Ravens left on their schedule. Can they achieve my dream, and go for the perfect season? Will that be enough to finally shut up Mercury Morris and the rest of those 1972 Miami Asshats?


SayHey Kid said...

Patriots- I kinda agree with the Ravens, the Refs seemed 1-sided throughout the entire game. BUT, Your boy Rex Ryan just HAD to call the timeout.

Cowboys- A damn good team, damn good!

Colts- Peyton is looking more of meer-mortal every week. Sure he had 4 tds, but everything else he did was rather average

Packers- Rogers looked good in front of a somewhat national audience. Least Packer-Village wont worry to much once Farve in fact does retire

Big Ben still throws stupid interceptions but the star of their follies was Mr. Parker. 3 fumbles (should have been 4). But like you said, you can get away with just about anything when playing the Bungles!

Browns- The flaw in this logic is that the Niners beat the Cardinals last week and we are a 3 win team and your Browns lose 1 spot?? I dont care if the refs blew the call, a loss is a loss and this one was flat out bad!! I dont know whats worse, Ravens blaming refs or the Browns. All seems the same to me

I agree with your Chargers assessment. Make them earn a top spot here. LT finally looked like 2006 LT.

Vince Young did play well but they still lost. For that reason they should lose spots.

I dont understand your conservative logic here. Cardinals win and they dont move?? Again, bullshit calls or not, a Win is a Win!

Where the hell did the Vikings come from?? Half an AP managed to embaress the Lions yet again.

Yeh, My ladyfriend wasnt to pleased by the vast lack of support. Redskins played 2nd Half Redskins football though. And Gibbs seemed to forget some rules. Exceptions need to be made though. I did LOVE the 10 man defense to start the game. A respectable honor for a great player

Bears lose and gain spots??? You know im not complaining.

I will forever Blame the Browns for giving us Trent Dilfer. DAMAGED GOODS!!!! You know, it wouldnt shock me if we gave you a 3rd rounder for Dorsey!

Dolphins- Game over man!

Shane Rollins said...

1. The Titans won the game sparky

2. I saw plenty of penalties NOT being called against the Ravens, and this isn't the first time their players should have been ejected for something and weren't.

3. We complain, not about the refs calls (even though it was bad) but the fact that they couldn't review that play was absolute horseshit.

4. The Ravens have bitched and moaned all season, blaming others for their loss. The refs and the NFL didn't leave Gaffney wide open.

5.Yes, the Cards won, but they still lost to you and are still up and down. Until they're consistent they don't get much traction.

SayHey Kid said...

1. Ah my bad

2. I didnt say many missed calls via Patriots. Although the 4th down false start seemed to be a load of crap.

3. Regardless, complaints are complaints. Im sure the rule will be looked at in the offseason.

4. Gaffney was open, but it was pretty clear that he did not have complete control of the ball when he went out of bounds. Ive seen more controled balls get overturned.

5. Just saying, they did lose to us but you still lost to them. Regardless of how up and down we are. Perhaps a signal to Browns fan that the Niners could show up and play week 17????

Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe said...

1. The refs did not hand that game to the Pats. The Ravens were mugging Patriots receivers all night long, and they certainly were holding on those last few plays of the game.

2. The only group that bailed the Patriots out last night was the Ravens' coaching staff with that timeout just before the snap on that 4th and 1 that got stuffed. The video clearly showed a Ravens coach yelling for a timeout and a ref giving the timeout right before the snap.

3. You cannot be serious about Gaffney juggling the ball. The video replay that shows the right hand shows the hand going out of frame at the last second. There was no indisputable evidence that he juggled there.

4. Let's not forget the two dropped passes in the end zone by Watson and Moss, both of which were very, very catchable. This game very easily could have been 41-24 instead of 27-24. There is nothing wrong with the Pats offense.

5. The biggest problem is the Pats' rush defense. That was disgusting last night.

SayHey Kid said...

Its tough to argue this with a New England lawyer but ill try.

1. The refs did in fact hand them the game. Its tough to win when the Refs are talking smack to Ravens defenders and wide receivers. Which apparently happend.

2. I dont know why your arguing with me over Rex Ryans timeout. I thought I made that clear that it was stupid and that it heavily contributed to them losing

3. Dead serious about the catch.

4. They did drop easy touchdowns, but the Ravens dropped several potential interceptions as well. As did they fail to tackle Brady on key 3rd down rushes.

5. It was bad rush D. Billick saw a weakness and exploited it. If only McGahee could rush the ball 50 times a game.

Shane Rollins said...

That's their excuse, that the refs were talking shit. I call bullshit, I think once again Ray Lewis is lying to his teammates. Sort of like when he told Ngata Joe Thomas was saying shit and doing things to him, which led to Ngata punching Thomas...none of it actually happened.

Let's be honest, look at the Ravens defense and their character. Who are you going to believe, the refs or the Ravens?

The Pats dropped interceptions as well, but either way it doesn't matter, passes are dropped every day, asked the Seahawks.

The catch could have been called either way, which is why the head ref can't overturn it. There was no concrete proof it was being bobbled. I thought so at first, but then it looks like he's merely transferring it to run.

SayHey Kid said...

Cant really knock their character last night. Half that D are Miami alumni and former teammates of Sean Taylor, so it was EXTREMELY emotional. Honestly, i dont really care if they harrassed by refs or not. We all know it does happen!!. But something drove Bart Scott lose it and to cause 30 yards in penalties.

Cant use either as an excuse. Everyone is mortal hence passes and ints get dropped everyday

It really does go either way and i understand the rule. It did goto review hence and I guess possession of the football is defined by different refs, like i said, ive seen more catchable touchdowns be overruled as an incomplete pass.

Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe said...

What we've resolved so far (I think):

1. Both teams left plays on the field in the form of missed INTs and TDs.

2. Ray Lewis has zero credibility.

3. Gaffney's TD catch could have gone either way (and therefore the TD call on the field had to be upheld).

What follows is not meant as a response to anyone:

I don't think that the Pats got game-changing help from the referees last night, at least not in the sense that the refs blew calls. The refs might have been inconsistent. As I said, I thought the Pats receivers were mugged all game, and that the refs didn't call it until the end. What are can anyone say about that? Would you like consistency, or would you like the rules enforced as they are written? That's a tough one, right?

With all that said, this game disgusted me, and I nearly turned it off at the beginning of the 4th quarter. I'm glad something told me not to, obviously. What I saw was my team getting beaten in the worst way: they got pushed around for a lot of the game. But, in the end, they made plays with Boller's INT and the last minute drive down the field.

The run defense has to improve against the Steelers for the Pats to win. They can't let Fast Willie Parker eat up clock and yards and give Big Ben the chance to throw. That'd be allowing a team to have two big weapons at once, which is antithetical to the Pats' defensive theory.

Lastly, what the hell happened to Bart Scott last night? Do you think that he was actually called names by the ref, or do you think that's just a cover for him throwing a tantrum and acting like a child?