Tuesday, December 18, 2007

NFL Power Rankings Week 15

I have to say this was a great weather weekend. I can understand why the NFL desires to play the Super Bowl is good weather or dome places, but wouldn't you like to just to see the Super Bowl played in Cleveland in twenty inches of snow? That would definitely guarantee real fans going to the actual game and not just those who can afford it. Besides from that this week definitely gave us some insight into the playoffs as all but one, the AFC North, divisions have been clinched by their respective teams. These next two weeks will be very interesting, I don't give a damn what all these so called experts say.

1. New England Patriots (1)-So Tom Brady layed an egg for me on Sunday, it matters not, I was only in the consolation playoffs anyways (thanks Steve Smith and Larry Johnson). The Patriots continue to roll, despite the weather, and continue to eliminate questions whether or not they are the best team we've ever seen.
2. Indianapolis Colts (3)-They may be battered and bruised, but they are still managing to win football games. Whether they win a playoff game this year or not I think is up in the air and it all depends on who they play. I don't think they can beat the Jaguars again, not even at home. The sooner the season ends for the Colts, the better their health will be for next year.
3. Dallas Cowboys (2)-I'm not going to pile on to Jessica Simpson like everyone else, cause lets be honest it's not the kind of pile I want to be in on with Jessica Simpson. If Tony Romo is not healthy kiss their season goodbye. Hell, you might as well if they lose one more game this season and have to go through Green Bay to get to the Super Bowl.
4. Jacksonville Jaguars (4)-This team is really hard to hate right now. They have one of the best pure rushing attacks I've seen in a long time, their defense loves to hit people, and their quarterback dresses like a pimp, what's not to love about the Jaguars? That being said, it won't break my heart to beat them if the Browns end up playing against sometime in the bear future.
5. Green Bay Packers (5)-They continue to roll on, and it looks like Brett Farve is just getting better as the season goes along. Could it coincide with Ryan Grant getting better as the season goes along as well? This team, I fell, is gonna end up in the NFC Championship game and likely the Super Bowl, but that's just my feeling...from the gut.
6. Pittsburgh Steelers (6)-This team is starting faltering, and at the right time if you ask me. I don't know if the injuries are beginning to mount or if this is just some rookie mistakes by Mike Tomlin. All I know is that it began to snow in Pittsburgh and Willie Parker only ran the ball 14 times, and got 100 yards. Why not turn it to a ground and pound and try to beat the Jags at their own game?
7. Cleveland Browns (8)-There was one huge difference between the Browns and Bills on Sunday. The Browns were constantly moving up and down the field, the Bills only had two drives where that happened and one of those was that last drive they had. The Browns are putting all the pieces together at the right time of the year. I think this goes to the Browns believing in themselves after almost beat the Steelers.
8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9)-The Buccs continue to play solid football, but they lose Garcia again and they're toast. This defense is very unheralded and they should be getting more respect then they are actually receiving. Also congrats to the Tampa Bay franchise for finally returning a kick off, it's been a long LONG time coming.
9. San Diego Chargers (11)-Hater Nation said that the Chargers are getting into Playoff Shape right now, and it appears that despite the horrible play of Rivers, they are indeed getting into Playoff Shape. Sadly for the Super Chargers the majority of the time that playoff shape is usually a one and done playoff entry.
10. Minnesota Vikings (12)-I don't know if there is a team that is frightening me more in the NFC at this point then the Minnesota Vikings. They have the NFL's best rushing defense to go along with the NFL's best rushing attack. Darren Sharper makes enough plays in the secondary to enable them to win games. As long as Purple Jesus continues to play like a savior, they could be going very far.
11. Tennessee Titans (14)-An impressive win this past weekend over the Chiefs, does anyone know where they found wide receivers? Even though I was cheering the Chiefs on to beat the Titans, I can't dislike Vince Young, it's impossible and makes me froth at the mouth and go into convulsions. With a great draft, and if they can keep Haynesworth, they may be able to challenge the Colts next year.
12. New Orleans Saints (16)-Well, they're putting up the points to win almost any football game. The problem though is if their defense doesn't begin to stop people then they don't have a chance in hell to beat any of the playoff bound teams. Something tells me the Giants are going to end up choking the season away, so time for Drew Brees to be Atlas once again.
13. Seattle Seahawks (10)-A bit of a stumble by the Seahawks this week. What am I talking about, a bit of a stumble? You fell down the bloody stairs by losing to the Panthers. This isn't what Holmgreen wanted to see week 15, three weeks away from the playoffs. They're going to have to rely on Hassleback to win football games, and I don't see that being enough to win in the playoffs.
14. New York Giants (7)-I've been predicting their downfall and stumble out of the playoffs for weeks, nice to see it is finally beginning to happen. Eli Manning set some impressive records on Sunday night, though a good third of those incompletions were not his fault the receivers have to catch the ball once and a while. Oh, and Eli, if you constantly throw to one person say Brandon Jacobs, and he never catches the ball, why keep doing it?
15. Buffalo Bills (13)-This team is a year away from being back in that playoff discussion. Hell, they don't lose to the Cowboys this year and everyone is definitely talking about this Bills team. Jauron may be showing that he does have what it takes, and of course it doesn't hurt that the man you have running your franchise is a football GOD.
16. Houston Texans (17)-This team will be in the discussion next year, much like the Bills will be. Look for them to fill their remaining holes on offense and defense in the draft once again. If they can find a real playmaker to be their running back, then the AFC South might as well be called the NFL's version of the SEC.
17. Philadelphia Eagles (18)-My hats off to the Eagles, I didn't even pay attention to their game cause I didn't think they had much of a chance against the Cowboys. They managed to hurt Tony Romo and we saw the freefall from there. Good job Eagles, but sadly your playoff hopes are over after last night. Will next year the year Kolb gets a chance to be your quarterback?
18. Washington Redskins (20)-A valient effort late in the season, but I don't foresee you going into Minnesota and beat the Vikings in your home, even if Joe Gibbs has never lost a game in that stadium. Of course those Vikings teams did not have Purple Jesus, and I don't see the Redskins D being able to stop his Holy Grail.
19. Arizona Cardinals (15)-Well, the one thing we do know about this football team is that Wisenhunt and Grimm definitely have them marching in the right direction. They have talent, now if they can stay healthy maybe next year will be the year everyone's prediction of the Cardinals being a good football team will be the correct one.
20. Cincinnati Bengals (19)-Well, slowly but surely your season is slipping away. I wonder how much the ownership will torch the team when the season is over. Will Carson Palmer and the wide receivers be the only things left standing after the owners enable a scorched earth policy in the offseason? Will Marvin Lewis lose his job after bringing this team from the depths of the NFL into the playoffs? Who knows with Mike Brown, dude lost his mind years ago.
21. Detroit Lions (21)-Jon Kitna, your big mouth motivated some, but you've become fodder for folks who love to make fun of the Lions. It's been amusing to see the entire team just shut down since the Denver game. You looked like a real contender there, and against Dallas, but perhaps you're completely spent. Well, here's to you and next year's wide receiver first round selection.
22. Carolina Panthers (27)-The Panthers get a big jump this week due to the fact they beat a division champion. Of course that division might be the lowest in the NFL, they still did it. Someone said something interesting to me the other day about David Carr that might work for Joey Harrington too. They need a year to decompress and not play in a game. They need to not be sacked constantly, be out of the limelight, and to refocus their energies.
23. Oakland Raiders (26)-Oh, you Raiders, the autumn wind, you almost had it against the Colts. I would have loved to seen it too, as Raider fans stormed the field and tore Peyton Manning from his limbs in celebration. The drinking of blood, eating of hearts, it would have been the best celebration since the Sumerians.
24. San Francisco 49ers (30)-Shawn Hill is playing amazing right now when you consider what the Niners have had all season. Will the franchise seriously consider keeping this kid in the quarterback conversation? If you ask me, they should. Kepp Dilfer to be a mentor, and nothing else. Alex Smith, perhaps Mike Nolan was right about you seeing the way Hill plays. San Francisco should be smart, keep Nolan and not the quarterback, but when does that ever happen. Let's ask Dan Reeves.
25. Kansas City Chiefs (24)-You were winning Kansas City, you had the game and you let it slip out of your fingers. Damn you for letting go when you had control. Then again, you're this year's Chiefs and actually played that game closer then I actually thought possible so you get an E for effort. I know your Christmas list this year is nothing but offensive linemen, but Santa can only carry so much.
26. Chicago Bears (25)-Much like the Chiefs you let victory slip from your grasp like sand from an hourglass. A Bears fan told me that this was the sixth time this season you lost after leading going into the fourth quarter. Louvie Smith better figure out where everything is going so wrong. Another season like this and I don't care if you got this team to the Super Bowl, you'll be gone in a heartbeat.
27. Denver Broncos (22)-I guess I was right for putting them so low the last few weeks. Perhaps just moving them up briefly last week was enough to put them back on their losing slide, god I hope so. I know there is much hate in me, but only one other team (the Ravens) gets more hate from me then the Broncos. Side note, Broncos fans, stop cheering for us it's not gonna make us want to burn down your town any less.
28. St Louis Rams (23)-I fear that Stephen Jackson may become the next Barry Sanders, you know constantly playing on a bad football team. If they fix their offensive line, then they may have a shot being competitive again, but I fear that the Rams may be going down for a few years.
29. New York Jets (28)-Well, you had them on the ropes. Yeah, sure you did. Let's face the facts Jets, the only thing that really kept you in that football game was the weather. You were doomed the minute Kellen Clemens was taken out, and the Patriots have been on half-impulse power for the last few weeks save the Steelers game. Start thinking about your top five draft pick now.
30. Miami Dolphins (32)-Congrats, of sorts, you managed to beat the Ravens. I should be happy the Ravens lost, and I am, but you killed the impossible dream Miami. I wanted something, someway somehow, to shut up the 1972 Dolphins, just once in their miserable lives to shut them up, sadly that has yet come to pass. I know they only have one win, but let's be honest, aren't they better then these last two teams?
31. Baltimore Ravens (29)-So, my co-worker has this theory that Billick is merely playing out this season with the hopes that he will be fired so he can leave and find a better coaching job somewhere else, perhaps Atlanta or Carolina. I want to argue with this theory, but the way they're playing lately it's hard to argue.
32. Atlanta Falcons (31)-Wow, does anyone think that the Falcons could beat the top four football teams in college football? I don't know if they could beat the Hawaii Warriors at this point. They don't have a bright future and their front office seems to think it is still 2002, these are likely the reason Petrino bolted for Arkansas, and as days go by I keep finding it hard to hold that against him.

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SayHey Kid said...

Patriots could shock the world and lose to a red hot Miami. Or not

Cowboys- Romo is good but he is no Aikman. He threw some really ugly ints

Jaguars- Fred Taylor, best RB EVER.......to never make a pro-bowl

Browns- They looked good under awful conditions. Shane, get used to it for the Browns vs Niners weather could be the same.

Vikings- Sharpers int to end to game was rediculous. Fooled even the camera man

Saints- Bourbon street was PACKED with drunken Saints fans Sunday night. They love their team more than any fan ive ever seen love a team. The streets were laced with Gold and Black. Every bar was packed for this game

Redskins- OlneyGirl was the only Skins fan in the city of New Orleans, but she still cheared on! Cooley is still the coolest man in football

Bengals- Yeh, with that offense they only put up 13 against Niner D

Niners- We could crack your top 20by seasons end! Patrick Wills makes the pro-bowl and a possible Defensive ROY candidate. Hill looked VERY good to. Hill to Davis, good Maryland combo

Dolphins- Ends my hopes for a 0-16team. Proving that no team will ever reach that mark!

Ravens- And still sends 3 to the pro-bowl. How does that happen??