Thursday, December 13, 2007

Space Gods From Where?!

I knew some detail about the Mormon faith, but I had no idea how much of it resembled Scientology.

So, Jesus and Satan are space god brothers, blacks were neutral in the heavenly wars, polygamy is ok once you die and become a space god on a far away space station, and Joseph Smith is the most important man in human history, even more important then Jesus himself. Well, if he could hit a curveball I might see their point...

Anyways, just knowing that both Scientology and Mormonism base their religious beliefs on spirits from space, and things from another planet, is it any wonder that these are the two biggest religions that the United States of America have created in their history? What is it about the Americas that make people focus on things coming from space? Ancient Incas, Scientology, Mormons, Black Bush, Star Wars nerd, they are all fixated with some big bad from outer space in a way that almost no one else really is, fascinating.

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Dews said...

Well, what is more crazy?

Satan and Jesus are brothers
Satan used to work for God directly

Jesus was born from a Virgin
Some drunk found some info in the woods on some golden discs

Any and all organized religion has some pretty far-out storied behind them, its just a matter of what we're conditioned to think is "normal" (ie, Satan worked for God, and Mary was SOOOO a virgin, really, seriously, she was totally).

Dews shall meet an untimely bolt of lightning on the way home now...