Thursday, December 13, 2007

A New Manager At The Depot

So we all have heard by now about Bobby Petrino out of no where leaving the Atlanta Falcons and taking the head coaching job of the Razorbacks of Arkansas. Now everyone has their opinion on the matter, myself I can understand why the man did it. He's a college coach and according to his Falcons he was treating them like college kids. That and he no longer had Michael Vick, which I'm sure was a big reason for him going to Atlanta in the first place. That's not the point of this article, the point is who should the Falcons replace him with, and I've come up with eight possible candidates.

Now Arthur Blank has stated that they want an offensive minded coach, and that's cool, the majority on this list are exactly that. What also went into consideration was race, cause whether we want to admit it or not, Atlanta is a town that sees things very much in black and white. This team resembles the town in a lot of ways and I thought putting a coach that fit into that type of situation would be their best bet in shaping this team.

Jim Caldwell, Indianapolis Colts Assistant Head Coach/Quarterbacks
He has turned quarterbacks everywhere he has gone into superstars, and that is the one position that has plagued the Falcons this year. He's been around long enough to gain respect from players from his accomplishments and has no doubt learned how to be an excellent head coach from Tony Dungy. If I was the Falcons he'd be at the very top of my list.

Sherman Smith, Tennessee Titans Assistant Head Coach/Running Backs
Sherman Smith is a former player, and has been with the Titans for 13 years, so he is very unlikely to jump up and move, which may be their biggest fear at this point. He has overseen a traditionally sound running game under his watch in Tennessee, helping Eddie George not become a Heisman bust. This would be an interesting choice, since he doesn't get the press of a Jim Caldwell.

Mike Martz, Detroit Lions Offensive Coordinator
If they are seriously looking for an offensive minded coach, who better then Mike Martz? We know he's going to create some crazy ass offense, and this puts him back into a dome. Whether or not he would gel with this team would be up in the air, but it definitely gives them that offensive mind they say they desire.

Brian Stewart, Dallas Cowboys Defensive Coordinator
This is an interesting idea, as he hasn't been an NFL coach very long, but he does have a great track record with the Cowboys this season. His youth also may help him connect with his team better then some of the older coaches, and Arthur Blank could hope for a Tomlin type situation where the dude just does a phenomenal job, no matter what his age.

Leslie Frazier, Minnesota Vikings Defensive Coordiantor
Again, not an offensive minded guy, but you see how well his defense is playing this year and it could be argued that he's doing a better job then Mike Tomlin did in the exact same position last year. He's also a Super Bowl winning player, who played for one of the best defenses in history, so he would (or should) get that respect from the players.

Winston Moss, Green Bay Packers Assistant Head Coach/Linebackers
If you've seen the play of the Packers linebackers this year, you know how good of a coach Winston Moss has been. He's also a young coach who has been put on that "fast track" to being a head coach in the NFL. Again he's not the offensive mind the Falcons want, but he could hire that and turn that defense into something special. He also coached the Saints, so he knows the NFC South very well already.

Russ Grimm, Arizona Cardinals Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Line
He will be mentioned in every single vacancy this season, mark my words. Now, will he allow himself to be separated from Ken Wisenhunt, I'm not sure, but he will be one of the most sought after coaches out there. Of course Atlanta has to take a look at him when you look at his track record, though I don't know if he will actually fit in in Atlanta.

Mike Singletary, San Francisco 49ers Assistant Head Coach/Defense
Along with Russ Grimm, he will be mentioned in every vacancy known to man this year. He's already turned down the job at his alma mater at Baylor University, which tells me he wants to coach in the NFL and not college, which is a plus for the Falcons. He will get respect from every player, or he will take it. I'm selfish, I want him to leave San Fran and come be the Browns assistant head coach and defensive coordinator, but the Falcons should pursue him as well.

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