Friday, January 25, 2008

2008 Power Rankings- Pre Season MLB

The more weeks that I post these MLB Power Rankings, the closer we get to Spring Training. And if memory serves correctly, pitchers and catchers should be arriving within the next week or 2. Most of this weeks action include arbitration settlements and non-roster additions. That being said, a round of applause goes out to Baltimore Oriole's fan, for they FINALLY signed a free agent with some value.

1 (1). Boston Red Sox- It looks like Boston is emerging from Johan Santana purgatory. In all honestly, I dont think the Sawx need another Starter, but it is Johan and he is special. They also signed Danny Kolb, who could very well be the bargain of the year.

2 (2) Detroit Tigers- Now why the Tigers only gave Cabrera a 1 year deal and Willis a long term is beyond me. Once they pony up the extension in July, Miggy will be wealthier beyond his wildest dreams

3 (3) New York Yankees- They are making a wise decision by giving Robinson Cano that long term deal. Its nice to spend that "Roger" money on someone other than Roger.

4 (4) Chicago Cubs- With a solid lineup and pitching, they could easily win the Central. Problem is they are injury prone and Sweet Lou is unstable. Its their division to lose.

5 (5) LA Dodgers- They will be playing an exhibition game in China. How cool is that?? Baseball is doing what the NFL failed to do, and that is sending a rivalry overseas to promote their sport. I have a feeling this will work out beautifully. No knock on the NFL, but i wouldnt even pay to see the Dolphins vs Giants. Now Raiders vs Bronco's in Hooligan land...Sign me up!!

6 (6) San Diego Padres- They signed a solid backup OF in Jody Gerut. I like this move alot.

7 (7) LA Angels- Nothing new AGAIN. This team is still lacking depth.

8 (8) Cleveland Indians- They took this week to sign minor leaguers and non-roster invites.

9 (9) Arizona Diamondbacks- The Orlando Hudson FA rumors have been crushed. The Dbacks did what they should have done months ago and resigned him. Sure its 1 year but he is coming off a major injury.

10 (15) Chicago Whitesox- I know I will get some heat for this one but I did say if they picked up that one key ingredient they will crack the top 10. If Octavio Dotel can stay healthy, they have one of baseballs best setup men. This automatically skyrockets Bobby Jenks value. I truly love this move!!

11 (10) Colorado Rockies- Troy Tulowitzki got a sophomore record 6 year deal. WOW. Apparently they havent learned from the Clint Barnes experiment. I sure hope Troy doesnt fall down the stairs and break his leg trying to haul meat. Yes, Like Clint Barnes did.

12 (11) Minnesota Twins- Twins GM is constantly earning my respect. He is playing hardball the way George did back in the 70's. He knows he can get Bull Market value on his star pitcher. Even the Mets have up'ed their anti and it looks like the 3 way race to the Santana line has re-ignited.

13 (12) Houston Astros- Would you be happy if your #2 pitcher is Woody Williams?? I know I wouldnt.

14 (13) New York Mets- Seems Omar is getting desperate in the Santana race. Lets see if he has what it takes.

15 (14) Milwaukee Brewers- A nice FA acquisition in Abraham Nunez. He can play just about every position. He may not get many at-bats, but those he gets should be solid.

16 (15) Tampa Bay Rays- They pulled the trigger and gave Carlos Pena a sweet 3 year deal. On top of that they are projected to give James Shield a long term deal. You better believe Im putting a bet in Vegas on the Rays to win it all this season. Hell, if the 1999 Rams could turn people into Millionaires, why not the Rays??

17 (17) Philadelphia Philly’s- So Brett Myers is back in the rotation. We shall see how long that lasts.

18 (18) Washington Nationals- Leave it to Washington DC to compete for "moron city of the week" Some assbag decided it would be cute to hang a noose outside of the stadium. Yeh, REALLY STUPID DC..

19 (19) Atlanta Braves- Seems Braves brass is still getting high on that Kotsay deal. Seeing how they havent done anything since. But I have a feeling they make some noise in Spring Training.

20 (21) Toronto Blue jays- They picked up Rod Barajas. Another kick in the face for Philly fan, but then again, they are used to it. This move gives the Jays great depth at Catcher. They could alternate without the lineup suffering in production. Very well done.

21 (20) Seattle Mariners- Those Bedard rumors are flying as crazy as a Kennedy (to soon??). So much that MLB posted this as a feature article. This could help Seattle in more ways than 1. If they pull the trigger, watch them move up fast!

22 (23) Cincinnati Reds- They continue to impress me. They snagged hard throwing lefty Jeremy Affeldt from the Rockies bullpen. A necessary move.

23 (22) San Francisco Giants- We managed to settle arbitration on Brad Hennessey. He is more important to our bullpen than I give credit for. He may not be our closer anymore, hell, even a setup man, but he can pitch 3-4 innings if need be. But even Im not blind to see that we need more help in the pen.

24 (24) St Louis Cardinals- Only in St Louis will the team throw a kegger for re-signing a mediocre player. I completely forgot that Yadier Molina was a Cardinal until the press went nuts about his new 4 year deal. Way to go champ!!

25 (25) Oakland A's- Even Billy Beane himself said this could be a long year. At least Joe Blanton resigned for another year. Which means one thing; trade bait in July.

26 (26) Pittsburgh Pirates- They made some great moves this past week, not enough to move them up in the PR but close. Jaret Wright, Casey Fossom, and Hector Corrasco. Even if 1 of these guys pans out they will have a competitive rotation.

27 (27) Texas Rangers- Sammy Sosa says he will not resign. I honestly dont think anyone will miss him.

28 (28) Kansas City Royals- Im not sure what to think of that Brett Tomko signing. I guess he is good for about 6 wins at best.

29 (29) Baltimore Orioles- *Drum roll please*...............Lance Cormier is now a member of YOUR Baltimore Orioles. I make a big deal out of this for 2 reasons. They finally signed a free agent AND he is pretty damn good. He is an instant shot in the arm for a crap filled bullpen. Cormier and Walker have the potential to be the best tag team setup guys in baseball. The question now is will they get an opportunity to prove their armor??

30 (30) Florida Marlins- Why do I have this sneaky suspicion that Sammy Sosa will wind up here???


Meredith said...

wow..mets at 14? are you crazy? lets put it this way, fastest team in the league. incredible lineup if delgado gets his bat moving this year, young players, confident starting lineup led by santana and pedro..the onyl thing thats missing is a good bullpen and theirs isnt even that bad!

looks like youre just another jealous yankee fan..i apologize in advance for their dissapointing season, and for when the mets sweep both series.

Jack Gonzo, MD said...

Fastest team in the league, but one of your stars refuses to accept help stealing bases from the greatest base stealer of all time.

Sadly for you Meredith there isn't one Yankee fan on the crew. When the Mets are able to finish a season off, then perhaps they will get some recognition.

baz said...

Jays at 20?
These are the worst rankings I've ever seen. This blog sucks.

Jack Gonzo, MD said...

Such a thoughful and well worded comment baz. Here I was thinking they probably should be lower but man, do you make a case for them being higher, I tell you.

baz said...

Luckily only about 10 people have read these ranking!

Strap-On said...

I think the title of the blog is pretty indicative of the quality of it's content right here...

Like seriously... WTF?!

It's pretty obvious that you picked the 5 teams that you know something about for the top 5, then picked the other 25 out of a hat...

I'm very, very disheartened that anyone who owns a computer feels they should pollute the world with their brain-damaged ramblings.

You, my friend, deserve to be kicked off the internet for this drivel.

Jack Gonzo, MD said...

Yup, only ten errrrrrrr a couple hundred come to this site everyday. Of course I do love the fact that you folks don't even read the UPDATED mlb pre-season power rankings, but hey you are obviously the lords and masters of who should and shouldn't be on the net, let alone knowing how to work links.

what said...

Does the internet know that you are doing this kind of stuff?

The internet wouldn't be too happy with you.

I'd rather read about Richard Simmons in spandex shorts than your incoherent drivel.


Jack Gonzo, MD said...

Changing your name every post is so modern! But shouldn't you be doing your seventh grade history report?

baz said...

Does the internet know that you are doing this kind of stuff?


I'm not changing my name, believe it or not, I'm not the only one disagreeing with you.

You must expect some criticism if you are posting an opinion to the world.

Jack Gonzo, MD said...

Of course you're not, though writing the exact same way, style, and "humor" doesn't prove a thing. As for disagreement, that's completely fine but in an "opinion world" one should be able to back up his disagreement with some sort of thought and legitimate argument...not middle school humor

Strap-On said...

I am not baz, nor am I... whoever wrote that other post that was basically a paraphrasing of what I wrote... I *KNOW* baz, actually he's one of the ones that directed me to this fabulous site, but I am not baz...

Accept it, my friend, nobody agrees with you... Some of us are just more vocal, and let's face it, witty than others.

baz said...

Two things

1) 21 (20) Seattle Mariners- Those Bedard rumors are flying as crazy as a Kennedy (to soon??). So much that MLB posted this as a feature article. This could help Seattle in more ways than 1. If they pull the trigger, watch them move up fast!

Bedard is a Mariner... for a little while now.

2) Do you watch baseball?

Jack Gonzo, MD said...

And if you could actually READ and look at the DATE of when this post was made, the trade had NOT happened when this was posted. How bout ya try going to a recent update and not something almost a month old.

Stormie said...

These are just bad. bad, bad, bad rankings. Shockingly, the write-ups accompanying the rankings are even worse, saying nothing about the teams, and entirely too much about useless offseason moves. Jody Gerut? Abraham Nunez? This is relevant how? Good lord. I'm sure Jody is blushing, it's probably the first and only time he'll ever be mentioned by anybody...ever. I'm gonna go get hit by a car now and pray for amnesia so I can forget I ever read this nonsense.