Thursday, January 3, 2008

Boomer Sooner My Ass

I didn't watch all of last night's ass kicking by the West Virginia Mountaineers over Boomer Sooner Oklahoma, but I did watch the end and went to sleep with a huge smile on my face for the first time since Tony Dungy and the Colts phoned in their game.

I did learn a few things about Oklahoma and West Virginia during that fourth quarter that I viewed. Namely that Oklahoma cannot even compare to the speed demons that West Virginia has. The Sooners may be able to hit, but only if they can actually touch them.

Owen Schmitt is a fucking football player. He has a mowhawk, and apparently has gone through eleven face masks while a Mountaineer since he hits so hard they break off. I want this guy on the Browns, I need this guy on the Browns. I'm not thinking so much as fullback, though he should be able to play that, but as our own version of Steve Tasker, without the douchbaggery.

The luster of Stoopes has finally worn off. It's ok Bob, I understand why you didn't prepare all that much for WV, their coach left and they lost to Pitt. Then again they are ridiculously fast and motivated to prove it wasn't just their coach.

Bill Stewart is being done right by West Virginia and being named their Head Coach today, congratulations go out to him.

This may have been my favorite bowl since last year's Oklahoma loss.

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SayHey Kid said...

I think every game that OU loses is your favorite game.

Problem with WVU is that they show up when they want to show up. Seemed to be Rodriguez's MO. New coach means new things in WV. Well played.