Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Breaking News:Mets Rape the Twin Cities

The USA Today is reporting that the Mets and Twins have agreed on a trade that will send Johan Santana to the Mets for four minor league prospects.

Why do I say rape? Because these are four prospects I've never heard of until now.
Outfielder Carlos Gomez and pitchers Philip Humber, Deolis Guerra and Kevin Mulvey are the prospects named in the report. I can't believe the Red Sox couldn't counter this offer with something better, unless the Twins were hesitant to give Santana to another team. There apparently a 72 hour window for the Mets to reach a deal with Santana for this deal to become finalized.

Carlos Gomez played 58 games in the majors last season, batting a whole .232, but did have 12 stolen bases in 58 games so the kid must have speed. He's also only 23 years old, so maybe a change of pace for the Twins team.

Philip Humber is 25, has already had Tommy John surgery, and with the exception of this last year never pitched more then 15 games in a year. Hell, his era has only been below 3.00 once, and just barely.

Delios Guerra is just out of high school it looks like. He's listed as the Mets' "best pitching prospect" but that's all we can really say about him.

Kevin Mulvey seems to be about the only one of the four prospects who has shown any REAL promise so far. He is shooting up in the minors and likely will see times in the majors if on the Twins.


Dews said...

I have heard Gomez as the top OF prospect not named Martinez on that team,but this is a bit surprising... Kinda thought sox would pull it off.

SayHey Kid said...

Gomez has potential to be a star in the league

Well just see how much money the mets are willing to throw at Santana. I obviously hate this trade, but at least the Twins signed some stars to long term deals last week

Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe said...

I think the Twins were asking too much for Santana from the Red Sox. They wanted some kind of Ellsbury-Lester-top prospect deal. I don't think that the Sox could justify giving up a potential ROY centerfielder, a solid 3 starter, and a solid prospect for one player, even if it is Santana.

Is it just me, or do you get the feeling that Santana's career is about to take a nosedive?

SayHey Kid said...

Well, when it is 2-time Cy Young winner Johan Santana, why settle for anything less than a potential ROY and solid 3 starter?? But even Boston said they wouldnt pay him a salary of 6 years, 150 million.

His career will likely improve in the NL East. The Phillies, and Brave rely HEAVILY on their left handed hitting power, which Santana always seems to neutralize. Marlins dont have anything, and the Nats rely on small ball.

I must give NY credit, they made one hell of an acquisition here. He is 2-0 lifetime with a .60 ERA at Shea.

Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe said...

I dunno, it is the Mets.

SayHey Kid said...

HAH best answer ever!!!

Dews said...

I just see this being a monster year for Santana moving to the NL, no matter what division.

The National League is the far inferior league in almost every respect, but especially offense and hitting in general.

This would have made me want to hold on to Santana in any "Keeper" fantasy league, thats for sure...

Jack Gonzo, MD said...

Hence why SHK is so excited about Santana pitching in the NL now.

I'm with DC&H on this though, not so much that he'll stop pitching well but more so that Met Injury Bug will come visit and ruin everyone's day.

SayHey Kid said...

Yeh, im VERY happy I kept in in fantasy.

Santana will benefit regardless since he has a better offense in a weaker division (who dont get hurt often). But the Mets wont do much better overall. Pedro is always hurt and John Mainne isnt a sure thing yet. The Mets still have a sub-par rotation.

Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe said...

Santana will have a field day against the East, no doubt, and he'll kill it early I'm sure. I'm concerned about the Mets needing him to throw big innings down the stretch. Who's in the bullpen to take the ball from Santana if he goes 5 1/3 and has to leave with a one run lead? I guess I see him pitching more innings than he ought to and wearing down.