Tuesday, January 8, 2008

NCAA Football 2007/08 Season Top 25

The season has now come and gone and we are still no where closer to being closer to knowing who is the number one team in the nation. Sure LSU destroyed Ohio State, but I'm of the opinion that Ohio State was a good team who benefited playing in a vastly overrated conference. Then again I don't have the biggest opinion of the SEC either as I think both the Big 12 and Pac 10 had stronger overall conferences this year, and the bowl games seem to prove that point. The SEC needs to learn to schedule some big name teams in the non-conference portion of the season if they want my respect. The Big 10 tries, but they lose more often then not.

So the following is my season ending top twenty five. If I ever become a journalist and somehow get a vote to this thing, it could get very interesting. Hell, I'm pretty sure you'd be able to tell my votes every week.

1. USC Trojans
To say they manhandled Illinois would be to say Mike Tyson has slight anger issues. If only they had been healthy when they lost to the Drunken Christmas trees.
2. LSU Tigers
They're good, they have plenty of NFL talent, I still don't think they could even handle USC and they're only above Georgia cause they managed to win the conference.
3. Georgia Bulldogs
Do you think that team goes into the offseason now understanding how important every game is and not taking the first half off?
4. Missouri Tigers
They should start next season as the number one, two or three team in the nation. The scary thing is that they have the talent and determination to stay there all year.
5. Ohio State Buckeyes
Another out matched Buckeye squad killed by the SEC. I guess in college football speed beat strength. They won't be there next year, they face USC in the regular season.
6. West Virginia Mountaineers
The biggest example on this entire list that speed beats strength was their drubbing of Boomer Sooner.
7. Kansas Jayhawks
I love this team, but they're losing too many of their key players to the NFL to make a similar run next year.
8. Virginia Tech Hokies
Once again the Hokies were proven to be the overrated pieces of fried chicken they are every year.
9. Oklahoma Sooners
You get put above my team only because you beat them earlier in the year, but now we have the gameplan to beat you...badly.
10. Texas Longhorns
We came, we saw, we sent the Sun Devils screaming back to hell. Perhaps Colt McCoy will shake off that sophomore slump next year.
11. Boston College Eagles
A decent year by a decent team in a decent conference. Do I think BC represents the ACC, just a tad.
12. BYU Cougars
They get here for their record alone, you have to respect only two losses.
13. Tennessee Volunteers
So they beat Wisconsin, so can many other teams in the nation, play someone with some talent Volunteers.
14. Auburn Tigers
Next year may be the year Auburn FINALLY puts all the pieces together and makes the destined National Title run.
15. Cincinnati Bearcats
They were damn impressive this year, especially for a team no one even thought twice leading up to it.
16. Michigan Wolverines
I won't lie, watching the Wolverines control their game against Florida brought a smile to my face.
17. Arizona State Sun Devils
The injury bug hurt them second worse in the Pac 10 this year (Oregon 1) but there are is promise out there in the sand and sun.
18. Hawaii Warriors
First time in the big time gitters, they were a better football team then they showed on the National scale.
19. Illinois Fighting Illini
When a team has speed AND strength speed alone won't win, will they Illinois?
20. Florida Gators
I don't like you, call me biased, but I still don't think you're any good.
21. Clemson Tigers
They could finally make it into the ACC title game next year, but then it's Clemson and they'll find a way to fuck it up.
22. Texas Tech Red Raiders
A beautiful and great Bowl Game victory of Virginia for Texas Tech.
23. Kentucky Wildcats
They barely managed to beat a team who had a quarter of their players not there, not that impressive. Beating LSU though was.
24. Oregon State Beavers
An overlooked Pac 10 team who has a running back folks should be taking a closer look at.
25. Wake Forest Demon Deacons
Still a young team who can do damage in the ACC, but without Justice time will tell.

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SayHey Kid said...

I loved it when Michigan embarresed Florida as well. But i think its a bit naive to think Tebow isnt very good. You of all people, know i am VERY anti-SEC but that doesnt mean they arent competitive

I heard the best commentary this morning as to why USC deserves to be #1, but that loss to Stanford and the Cardinal backup QB at home is enough to null and void that notion.

LSU still has to deal with being the worst #1 team in all NCAA Foootball Division 1 history.