Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sometimes You Just Know

We all know that sound, the dun dun, or as City Cat loves to dance to, duh dun duh duh da da da dun dun. You can't escape it because no matter what time of day it is, Law and Order is on somewhere on cable. Many of their episodes come from real life crimes that they alter for the screen. When reading the news you think certain things will be good for TV, and others are a sure fire Law and Order episode once the writers come off strike.

The funny thing about this case is that I may have already seen this episode, and it happened long before 2004. Hell, it could be an original Law and Order episode that could be re-done for the best Law and Order out there, Special Victims Unit. I know everyone thinks the Sopranos may be the best show ever, Seinfeld may be the best sitcom ever, I don't agree with any of them but that's not the point. SVU could very easily be the best spinoff ever, competing with favorites Frasier and Star Trek (anything since the original series).

UPDATE-I shouldn't go to the Crime section of CNN.com, it's nothing but SVU episode ideas all over the place.


SayHey Kid said...

Yeh, really not a fan of any CSI. Crimes that take years to solve in "reality" need only 44 minutes a week. The phrase "Well isnt that Convenient" comes to mind everytime I watch an episode. But thats just my opinion

If you want a true amazing Crime Drama, watch The Shield......Top 5 best shows on TV now.

Dews said...

SVU is one of the greatest shows on TV, but I think moreso for the cast then the actual plot-lines.

Having Merloni, Hagartay, Ice-T and of course Belzer, just make that show what it is.