Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Random Jack Handly

Well, not by Jack, but before I sit down and do this week's Mock Draft I thought I'd put out a few of the thoughts bumping around in my head this morning...

Chavo Guerrero has become the ECW World's Heavyweight Champion. I wish I could be excited for Chavo and Pele, but the booking was so atrocious for this feud that I'm nauseated as I type this.

Does anyone else think that the Double Stuff League that Eli and Peyton are doing is just a metaphor for the type of bedroom activities that Eli likes to participate in? I'm talking Eli Manning is fucking Chinese Finger Cuffs.

Everyone was all clamoring about Tom Brady's boot yesterday you thought he was Elvis for a second. The dude wore a boot, it was just to give those local New Yorkers some hope before Boston goes up on the Big Apple...again.

I can't stand Red Sox Nation, and this Super Bowl sure as hell isn't going to help matters. They can all go fuck their dawg in der yard by der car.

A shocking study shows that drug treatment and not prison reduces crime then when imprisoned. This is about as shocking as the report that said Bush and his lackeys made 935 false statements leading up to the Iraq war. Next thing they're gonna tell me is I'm going bald and the Redskins are hopeless in their coaching decisions.

Of course Fred Thompson is gonna attempt to set himself up as Vice President. The man has never been a leading actor in any movie or tv show he's been a part of.

Finally, the New Jersey Devils bitch slapped the Philadelphia Flyers last night, 7-3. I had the good fortune of watching 2/3rds of the game with my Flyer friend, he was not happy to be sitting next to a Devils fan.

For those who don't know, after the Job celebration on Friday (since it starts at 5) we're gonna jump on the Metro and find Rambo playing somewhere...bring weapons or we're not gonna change nothing.


Dews said...

no weapons! don't care that its in Virginia, that just never ends well! :)

It is looking like Fassel too, which is really really pissing me off...

Dews said...

PS, its "Yawd, and Caw" for Bostonians, instead of "Yard and Car".