Wednesday, January 2, 2008

This Is The Sound of SayHey's Head Hitting The Desk

Another coordinator was fired today as the Detroit Lions have fired offensive coordinator Mike Martz. I don't know how wise this is for the Lions, especially since he can't actually catch the ball or block himself. They had all the tools for a Martz offense, save for the offensive line. It also appeared to be working the first half of the season so I don't see why he was fired.

SayHey's head is hitting the desk because it is being rumored that Mike Martz's next coaching gig will be taking over for Jeff Hostetler as offensive coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers. This will be interesting since he doesn't like tight ends and has zero wide receivers in San Francisco. I still think he may be in the running for the Atlanta Falcons job, so keep your heads up Niner fans. Why am I the only one who think Martz may land in Atlanta? Have you seen how badly that franchise has been run? Mike Martz makes the most sense to keep that tradition alive.

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SayHey Kid said...

Thats not me banging my head on the desk. Thats me punching a wall and shattering every bone in my hand. This rumor just proves (yet again) how little John York knows about football. Bring back Debartelo Jr!!!!!

Rumor has it that Mike Singletary will take the Falcon job. If this is so, we are again, a cluster-f*ck of an organization. At least Mike Nolan (who is still our best shot of regaining glory) is still our head coach, for another year at least.