Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Rob Ryan Available

According to reports the Oakland Raiders have fired Rob Ryan. This is sad in one sense since Rob Ryan looked exactly like a Raiders coach should look. His Barbarian hair and beard were perfect for that team, and I think that defense was better then the stats show. This however is GREAT news for those folks like me who believe the Browns should fire our defensive coordinator.

I know the rumor says he's going to be the Jets new defensive coordinator, being friends with Manjackass and all, but he should have some kind of working relationship with Romeo as well and would be a great choice, in my humble opinion, to be our NEW defensive coordinator.

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SayHey Kid said...

I think Browns fan drools over the Ryan brothers as if they meant a damn. Shoot for the stars my friends, pull THE Buddy Ryan out of retirement. 70 is the new 50, so they say!!

Buddy Ryan could have that defense not only punch QB's in the face like the Browns of old but also Kevin Gilbride