Monday, January 7, 2008

VCU Rams Update

It will always annoy me that we will NEVER have a football team, but at least for right now I can be proud to chear on my alumni basketball team. Just a quick update for you LSWTF folk........

We are 9-4 and ranked #10 in the mid-major polls right now, but really we should be 11-2 but we tend to underestimate teams on the road. Our 2 moron losses came to Hampton (6-6 but first place in the MEAC) and JMU (9-4). Hampton was a gimmie win that we blew but misanticipated. I talked to my boss about that loss and he gave me a good explanation as to why we lost. Teams typically do not take black colleges seriously. Mid-Majors and Majors see them as the AAA of college basketball. I couldnt agree more, Not only did we lose, we lost BIGTIME (64-55), Hell, we lost to Miami (FL) (69-63) and Arkanas (18 ranked) (70-60) and they are great teams. Hopefully coach Grant will learn from that crucial error. Our other loss, JMU really pissed me off (62-61). They have been our bitch for the past dozen years or so. I guess the sun shines on a dogs bee-hind every so often. However, Our biggest wins include the upset over Maryland (85-76) on the road, Richmond (School rival), and Houston.

Needless to say, Man-Beast-Child Eric Maynor is the teams catalyst for success. He is simply amazing and could be a potential NBA draft pick in 2009. He is certainly putting up NBA worthy stats 33.3minutes/game 19.1ppg 3.6rpg 5.2apg and he is only a Junior. G*d forbid if he were to enter this years NBA draft, according to, he would go late 1st round or early 2nd.


Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe said...

I have a friend who went to VCU and is Jewish. He was also outrageous and played rugby. I wonder if you knew/know him.

SayHey Kid said...

The only Rugby player I knew at VCU was my old roommate. Husky 300pound Brit. Not Jewish though.