Thursday, January 24, 2008

VCU Rams Update

Life is very good in Richmond right now. The VCU Rams continue to exceed expectations and impress on the road. We are currently riding a 7 game winning streak, winning on the road, and Saturday took down a hardcore CAA rival in Old Dominion University. My brother went to ODU so we have an in house rivalry. Last night made me sweat alittle. Hofstra; who has 2 solid bigmen and are a 3-Pt machine, ran the score up on us early. But I noticed one thing. When Eric Maynor (Jr) has an off day, Jamal Schuler (Sr) and Lance Kearse (F) step up. We ultimatly dominated the game in the second half and proved our place atop the CAA standings.

Next week we will have some tough games. We have Drexel on Saturday and George Mason on Tuesday. Did I mention a red hot George Mason?? They have a kid who set an NCAA record by draining 10 3-pts in a row. Im not so much worried about Drexel, but they have been known to upset good CAA teams.

What made the VCU vs ODU win special was that Shane and I played alittle pool, drank a beer, and enjoyed not only the Rams victory over the Monarchs, but the Maryland upset over UNC.

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