Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Singles Awareness Day!

Had to put another spin on this whole V-Day crap being one of the few single members of this blog and all... Just means I got to save some money this year (Short term anyway, that will be spent at a bar very soon).

Anyway, on to the news:

As with most the solutions to our problem, the damaged spy satellite that is supposed to land in some random place at some random time coming up will instead be blowed the &*(@ up.

U.S. officials said Thursday that the option preferred by the Bush
administration will be to fire a missile from a U.S. Navy cruiser, and shoot
down the satellite before it enters Earth's atmosphere.

Not that this is necessarily a bad idea mind you, I just think its funny given the administrations solutions for most other problems.


Guns aren't safe for planes, but apparently they're totally cool, for Space???

Every spacecraft carries survival gear for crash landings, and the Russian
Soyuz has a kit that includes the gun.

"There have been cases of severe psychological strain on people in space, strain
that they have taken out -- that their shipmates worried about the ultimate
actions," Oberg said.

This is insane that they think those diaper-wearing nuts are totally safe with a gun up there, but I can't travel with anything larger then 3 ozs???


Finally, while Clinton's campaign finally falls apart giving Obama the final victory here in Primary season, the Huckster has decided to go back out there and his the campaign trail... In the Caymans?

Per Fox's Fin Gomez, Huck is giving a talk at the Young Caymanian Leadership
Awards banquet on Grand Cayman. He'll be down on the island from Friday through
I have to admit, I'm basically posting this because I'm incredibly jealous of the Huckster for being able to go down to the Caymans right now... I would be there in a second, but even less then that if I was getting paid to go!


SayHey Kid said...

Priceless picture!! Take those savings and buy a hooker. You have PLENTY of numbers to dial =)

Dews said...

haha, it will all definitely go to a good cause, though I don't pay for that... At least not directly

Kim said...

You stole my cupid pic!

Dews said...

Crap, thought that looked familiar...

I actually did a google search for something similar, sorry!

Jack Gonzo, MD said...

Go cry into your one dollar beer

SayHey Kid said...

and tell us how the tears taste....