Friday, February 22, 2008

Ice Storm Update

This is what many of us were expecting...well hoping...that DC would like when we all woke up. Sadly it doesn't even look close to this, hell, most of the snow didn't even stick to the ground. This means many folks who were expecting to take the day off, to relax one last time before the seasons changed had to go into work.

Well, except folks who took it off anyways since the Federal Government went on Unscheduled Leave status anyways. The most beautiful thing about this entire morning is that my office decided to tell us all to more or less telecommute today, which awesome, but odd since our office has never really telecommuted save for COOP exercises, that haven't worked yet.

I really hope everyone just takes the day off anyways, I don't feel like attempting to fix computers without my work computer here, which would lead me going into work, bah!

Congrats go out Fierocia Couture winning the fans vote on Project Runway as well, it wasn't as a fierce reunion show as we were hoping for.


Dews said...

Victoria was still a bitch though.

You'd think she would lay off being a bitch for maybe a few minutes, but no...

That pic reminds me of the ice storm we had in VT a few years back... Kinda looked just like that scene, it was really creepy.

Jack Gonzo, MD said...

Yes she was, I don't know what sand got in her vagoo, but she is just not a happy person. Rickey also looked like someone who was not happy to be there.

And I think we saw emotion from Jillian last night then from the entire season