Thursday, February 7, 2008

Look out Cell-Phones

Oh yes, the biggest bad-ass of them all, GOOGLE (Parent company of, and therefore us I suppose), is finally branching out to Cell-phones.

British chip designer ARM (ARM.L: Quote, Profile, Research) will show a
prototype mobile phone based on Google's (GOOG.O: Quote, Profile, Research)
Android platform next Monday at the Mobile World Congress wireless show in
Barcelona, a source close to the company said on Thursday.

Abeit they are starting with their own software for the cell-phones to make web access "as smooth as accessing via PC", but this is an exciting jump in the right direction.

Having used Verizon for years, I must say I love the coverage it provides, but it is constantly a lesson in patience and tolerance to get a damn thing done over the phone when something is wrong (a lesson I learned not that long ago when my own phone magically stopped working... Oh what a long and beautiful story that is...).
That being said, I will welcome the day that the GOOGLE overlords finally take over the Cell-phone industry as well... Everything they touch turns to freakin gold...

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