Thursday, February 7, 2008

To put it simply, he was the BALLS

The folks here at LSWTF love Major League 2 and the marbles bit. That being said I almost crashed my car this morning when I heard someone was coming to congress to give them some balls.

Tom Unsicker is a 59 year old former pilot who was fired/let go from his job and began listening to a bunch of talk radio. When a woman called in one day and threatened to send her Congressman a set of balls he came up with this idea. Tom rode his bike from Santa Cruz, CA to Washington, DC carrying with him 288 sets of BALLS. It's a pouch with two ping pong balls with courage written across them...bloody brilliant.

Many of us, almost all of the LSWTF staff, have believed that the Democrats in Congress should grow a pair and apparently we aren't alone. Instead of being visited by Tanaka, they will be visited by Tom Unsicker, the man from Santa Cruz who is the definition of BALLS. He believes in five simple things, and it's something we almost all agree with, and so does the rest of the country apparently, even Jesusland.

You have our bag of marbles in support Mr. Unsicker, and we hope you do reach your goal of getting to meet with each Democratic and Independent member of Congress to present to them their very own set of balls.

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Dews said...

That... Is freakin awesome!

I want to shake this man's hands...

Truly a great American Hero!