Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Money + Show = Lots of Money

Usually I reserve any and all WWE topics for the good Doctor, but him and I chatted about this not to long ago. He was unimpressed, I however, see this as the next trend in American sports.

Floyd "Money" Mayweather has signed a 20 million dollar contract to fight "The Big Show" in the upcoming WWE Wrestlemania XXIV. Get used to these kind of WWE match-ups. Boxing is a dying sport and I dont see wrestling picking up new fans due to success of UFC and other MMA promotions. This doesnt come to me as a big shock. Some of sports finest athletes took their shots at fighting in the WWE ring; e.g. (Among others of course) Mike Tyson, Steve McMichael, a ninja, etc. Hell, even my favorite bands lead singer, Billy Corgan, took center stage. I could easily see more boxers, more ex-football players, and hell, a basketball player or 2, other elite players with name recognition do the same thing in upcoming years with WWE.

I have always been a boxing fan, and to me this is somewhat dissapointing. I remember when boxing was an elite sport, which tested a mans physical limits as well as mental toughness. A fighter would train for months just to fight for 30 minutes. It was hard for me to admit that boxing is dead but the corruption, piss poor promotions, even pissier match-ups, and the depletion of top talent was all the reasons to lose supremacy over MMA. Oh well it seems. I just wish Floyd Mayweather wasnt the one cashing in. Give me Bernard Hopkins. That man spent learned to fight while serving significant years in jail. I want him fighting the Show. Even Gonzo could agree on that one.


Jack Gonzo, MD said...

Eh, I've never been impressed by the boxers versus wrestlers. Though Tyson never fought, he was only the outside ref.

Muhamed Ali and Antonio Inoki had a boxer versus wrestler match in Japan in the late 70s which put both men in the hospital for a few days.

Other famous people to get involved include Brian Urlacher, Karl Malone, Dennis Rodman, Kevin Greene, LT, Trace Adkins, Vanden Bosch, a bunch of Nascar folks and now Mickey Rourke.

SayHey Kid said...

Thanks for the examples, I couldnt remember alot of the famous names.

The interesting thing is that I dont recall a boxer actually participating since Ali. This seems very gimicy but could draw some non- WWE fans.