Tuesday, February 5, 2008

VCU Rams Update

VCU vs George Mason (1/24/08)

Well, we didnt exactly have the best of weeks but in Ram defense, we played a solid George Mason team on the road. Hell, it wasnt even close. They ran away with the game beating us (63-51). One thing was proven however; if Eric Maynor struggles, Jamal Shuler picks up the slack. Maynor shot 4-10 for 12 points, 5 boards, and 2 assists; All below his season averages. Jamal Shuler decided to dominate once again with 21 points. In the long run, we couldnt keep up with that talented Mason team which evens out the season head to head record at(1-1). This loss brought us from #5 in the Mid-Major polls to #6. Needless to say, Im still very happy.

Saturday the Rams decided to take that loss out on an unsuspecting Towson Tiger squad, kicking them in the face (63-42). Again, Maynor struggled but this time, Man-Child Freshman Lance Kearse helped Shuler pick up the slack, scoring 11 points and grabbing 5 boards all off the bench. There is a side story here. While at the Mandalay Bay, Jack Gonzo asked what my thoughts were on the game, whether or not to play a parlay with that 16 point spread. To me, a 16 pt spread is a risk. I told him VCU never really blows teams out, no matter how good or bad they are. The Rams play VERY consistant basketball with very few high scoring spurts while making very few mistakes. Well, I was wrong and Gonzo didnt take the bet. VCU won by 19 and he ended up losing his parlay by making a bet on another team. Sorry man!!

Back to VCU (15-5), it looks like we have a pretty easily schedule to conclude the season. We have Georgia State and Delaware on the road this week and that should make for some great basketball.

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