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2008 NFL Mock Draft Rounds 1 & 2 March 10, 2008

I know it's been about a month or so since I've done a mock draft. Well, I should say it's been a month or so since I POSTED a mock draft, I've done my usual work on them but hesitated to post them. The mixture of free agency and combine held my hand from actually publishing a mock draft. Now I will unleash upon you all the latest mock draft, though I'm going to hold it down to the first two rounds now. Doing the first five just became very long and with the wedding coming up I just don't have the time. As always your feedback is appreciated as I'd love to hear what the fans want their team to go after.

1. Miami Dolphins-Chris Long, DE, Virginia
People still talk about the possibility of Matt Ryan going to the Dolphins, this is nonsense since in the last five years Bill Parcells used each first round draft pick he had on a defensive player. It is a combination of the media hyping the only first round quarterback in the draft and the media's obsession with the quarterback position. Chris Long is the son of Howie, a fuckin monster who plays the game the way it should be played. Parcells knew this was his choice the moment he took the Dolphins job.
2. St Louis Rams-Jake Long, OT, Michigan
In my mind the closest thing to a sure thing in this draft as Parcells taking Long is the Rams taking Long as well, Jake Long. I think every offensive lineman on that team spent time on the DL last year, and Orlando Pace isn't a spring chicken anymore. Their game plan is throwing the ball and having Stephen Jackson make other defenses look like fools. They still want to be the greatest show on turf, and to do that you have to be able to block.
3. Atlanta Falcons-Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College
There is talk that the Falcons will trade up with the Dolphins to ensure that they get Matt Ryan, and it wouldn't surprise me one bit. This is a poorly run franchise, might be the worst run NFL team and I have no doubt that they would trade up two spots to ensure they will get the player they will get if they sit tight at number three. Is he the answer, no, I think he won't be the best quarterback of this draft. He will be serviceable and will remind Atlanta of the days that Chris Chandler was their quarterback.
4. Oakland Raiders-Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas
They have three running backs on their team currently who have been starters during their careers. Why would they take Darren McFadden? Cause this is Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders. Nevermind that he already has bar brawls on his resume, no other offensive player has been hyped this year as much as McFadden and The Godfather loves big names.
5. Kansas City Chiefs-DeSean Jackson, WR, Cal
Many of you right now are scratching your head, and I don't blame you. You expect the Chiefs to take Dorsey, Ellis or one of the tackles and it's a good possibility. I went with DeSean because he's a playmaker. He can return kicks, something the Chiefs have lacked since Dante Hall. He's the fast speedy receiver, the kind of receiver Herman Edwards wants in his offense. He's an exciting playmaker, and if he goes back to pre-injury form the kind a playmaker that can change a game in the AFC West.
6. New York Jets-Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy St
The more tape I see of this kid the more I'm impressed. The Jets know they have to face the Patriots twice a year. They know that they can't leave any player uncovered or Tom Brady will abuse them drive after drive, video tape or no video tape. They began last year with the drafting of Darelle Revis, now they solidify the other side.
7. New England Patriots (via 49ers)-Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas
The Patriots lost both starting corners in free agency so the drafting of Aqib Talib is one they HAVE to make. With McKelvin gone Talib becomes the highest rated corner in the draft. Now I don't doubt that they are thinking to trade down and pick up some extra picks, maybe even trading with the Cowboys to get their two first rounders. If not, Talib is an excellent corner man who is only getting better.
8. Baltimore Ravens-Dominique Rogers-Cromartie, CB, Tennessee State
I don't know if there's ever been three straight corners taken in the first round, let alone in the top ten of the draft, but it wouldn't surprise me this year. Samari Rolle is a damn fine corner, but his diagnosis doesn't lead him to playing much longer. Cromartie may be the most physically gifted of the corners in the draft, but also the one with probably the least amount of experience at a high talent level. Taking him now allows them to put him under Rolle's wing for a year so he can adjust.
9. Cincinnati Bengals-Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC
It's a toss up between who is better, Ellis or Dorsey. They both come from Championship programs and have known to make plays, but Ellis has the cleaner health record between the two players so I'm giving him the edge. Plus the Bengals love USC players, at least they do love Carson Palmer. Having two Trojans lead their team may be a very wise move.
10. New Orleans Saints-Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU
If the Saints somehow are able to land Glenn Dorsey watch New Orleans go nuts for the LSU Tiger. I wouldn't put it past a team trying to trade up and land him, say like the Cowboys. It would also help take the spotlight off of Reggie Bush as the New Orleans locals would probably buy the Dorsey Saints jersey in droves.
11. Buffalo Bills-Keith Rivers, OLB, USC
They've had one of the best draft records the last three or so years and this very well may be the year we see Buffalo really start to compete for that wild card spot. I say wildcard because as long as New England has Tom Brady I don't see any team in the AFC East over taking them.
12. Denver Broncos-Ryan Clady, OT, Boise State
Their offensive line is old, inexperienced and in shambles. This isn't good when your offense is on the shoulders of a third year quarterback. They need to protect Jay Cutler, and Ryan Clady I think is the best fit for their zone blocking scheme.
13. Carolina Panthers-Vernon Gholston, DE, Ohio State
Imagine being a quarterback and seeing Julius Peppers on one side and Vernon Gholston on the other, a daunting view from where I'm sitting. Now shipping Kris Jenkins to the Jets will no doubt make them think about local Tar Heel Kentwan Balmer, but I think Gholston is the better player overall and the one most likely to take the pressure off poster boy Julius Peppers.
14. Chicago Bears-Jeff Otah, OT, Pitt
I've heard that the Bears have their sites set on Ryan Clady, but with the Broncos snatching him away I don't think they will cry at getting Jeff Otah. He may just be good enough to be a pro bowl left tackle, which may be the toughest non-skill position in the NFL.
15. Detroit Lions-Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida
Well, it's not a wide receiver, but it is a position tied into the wide receiver position. I think Jenkins is a dynamic player, one who may surprise people at how good he really is. For my own money, I have him just a bit behind Aqib Talib, but only because of the level of competition that he's faced in college.
16. Arizona Cardinals-Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Illinois
This is a big question mark for people, specially since they have the Edge at running back and have other positions they need to fill. I just don't think one can pass up on Mendenhall. I think teams will have the reaction they had to people passing up Purple Jesus last year. Mark my words, he will deliver the kind of excitement that Reggie Bush was supposed to deliver.
17. Minnesota Vikings-Chris Williams, OT, Vanderbilt
Purple Jesus is the face of your team, but to often last year he made his own way to the end zone. Imagine what your offense can do if you had folks to block for him? Also Bryant McKinnie doesn't seem to "get it" and may land in jail sooner rather then later.
18. Houston Texans-Kenny Phillips, S, Miami
They will sit there, hoping and praying like good Texans, that Kenny Phillips land in their laps at number eighteen. They've been building that defense up to beat the Colts, putting this Miami General in charge of your air force is the next stop in toppling Peyton.
19. Philadelphia Eagles-Limas Sweed, WR, Texas
Limas Sweed and Malcolm Kelly, two players on rival teams. Two players seperated by two years of birth and 190 miles from each other growing up. The key here is which one of the two the Eagles view as the better player. I view Sweed as the better receiver, so I gave him to the Eagles. Who they think is not known to me, but with Phillips off the board wide receiver is likely where they are going.
20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Brandon Flowers, CB, Virginia Tech
Their defense has been solid for years, almost a decade it seems, but with that comes age and it's time to start restock piling their shelves. I think Brandon Flowers is the type of player Jon Gruden adores. I'm not as big on Flowers, I think there are some major flaws in how he plays to warrant being a first rounder, but he has the potential to be a damn good shut down corner.
21. Washington Redskins-Lawrence Jackson, DE, USC
A pass rush, it feels like the Redskins haven't had a pass rush since I moved to DC and that was in 2002. Lawrence Jackson is a difference maker who I think is being looked over because of the phe-nominal Long and Gholston. This would be a step in the right direction for Jim Zorn, focusing on their defense who would be ah-mazing if they only had a pass rush.
22. Dallas Cowboys (via Browns)-Gosder Cherilus, OT, Boston College
Step one, protect Tony Romo. Their offensive line is still talented, but getting up there in years. Gosder Cherilus is a solid lineman, who has fallen in the draft from where he once was (near the top) but his combine performance has helped him regain some footing. I like the fit in the Cowboys offense for Cherilus, after all they have to stop those Giants defensive ends.
23. Pittsburgh Steelers-Branden Albert, G, Virginia
They lost Alan Faneca, so taking Albert with their first round pick seems like a no-brainer for me. They can't wait until the end of round 2, he'll be long gone by then, likely by the Dolphins at 32. They also save money by not having to pay a wide receiver first round money.
24. Tennessee Titans-Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma
I think there isn't a question that they will take at least two wide receivers in the draft, starting in the first round. Here though it depends on who the Eagles take, and they sort of get the left overs. I think Kelly and Sweed are so close together that it's a toss em. I do think over the long haul though Sweed is the better NFL caliber player as were Kelly may be a number 2 or slot receiver.
25. Seattle Seahawks-Fred Davis, TE, USC
They took care of some of their needs via free agency, especially at the running back position. Now they have Alexander, Morris, Duckett AND Julius Jones. I wouldn't be surprised if each of them got their own specific down and distance, maybe even 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th downs. So drafting a running back is no longer a first round priority. I still think they need a dynamic tight end for the west coast offense and Fred Davis to me is above and beyond the best tight end in the draft.
26. Jacksonville Jaguars-Erin Henderson, OLB, Maryland
I love this kid, he's a ball hawk who plays hard ALL the time. I think his personality and playing style fit in beautifully to the Jaguars and raises that defense even higher then it was before. The NFC South is quickly becoming the best Division in the NFL, surpassing the NFC East in terms of competitiveness.
27. San Diego Chargers-Dan Connor, ILB, Penn State
They have this one draft pick until I think the fourth or fifth round. The glaring need I see for them is inside linebacker. Donnie Edwards left and took with him his blockers, who know seem to focus on Shawn Merriman. Dan Connor, like Erin Henderson, is a ball hawk who is all over the field and I think fits into that pursuit defense the Chargers have.
28. Dallas Cowboys-Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas
Jerry Jones is an Arkansas graduate. He LOVES Arkansas and the Razorbacks. Hell, he helped Petrino get his job right? There's been word he'd trade up to get Darren McFadden, and I betcha the Raiders would pull the trigger so they had two first round draft picks.
29. San Francisco 49ers (via Colts)-Sam Baker, OT, USC
With the addition of Issac Bruce wide receiver is no longer a given for the Niners in the first round. Adding a superb blocker like Sam Baker and putting him opposite of Staley is really a great step in the right direction for this Niners team. I'm big on Baker, I think he's going to be better then some of the blockers ahead of him.

30. Green Bay Packers-Mike Pollack, C, Arizona State
You're scratching your head, I know. I think the weakest offensive line position for the Packers is at center and Pollack is head and shoulders above the rest of his field. The Packers aren't a team with many needs, so taking Pollack now without risking losing him before they draft in the second round is the most prudent decision they can make.
31. New York Giants-Josh Barrett, S, Arizona State
They lost Gibril Wilson to the Raiders via free agency, but I don't think they'll miss him much if they take Josh Barrett. The closest NFL player I think I can liken him to is Atari Bigby, I think he's that type of hitter, that type of ball hawk. He will fit in beautifully with the Giants defense, maybe even improve on what they had last year.

32. Miami Dolphins-Kentwan Balmer, DT, North Carolina
It could be offensive line, but they need a defensive tackle to allow their linebackers to roam free.
33. St Louis Rams-Phillip Merling, DE, Clemson
They need some kind of pass rusher to put pressure on quarterbacks in the NFC West, a division not know for their blocking.
34. Oakland Raiders-Dre Moore, DT, Maryland
Warren Sapp has retired and all they really have is a failed top five pick and Terrell Sands. Dre Moore has that Raider mentality.
35. Kansas City Chiefs-Oniel Cousins, OT, UTEP
Onieal Cousins has first round talent and potential, so taking Jackson doesn't hurt the Chiefs that much.
36. New York Jets-Curtis Lofton, ILB, Oklahoma
I don't know how he will do playing in a 3-4 defense, but he has the athletic ability to play almost anywhere on the defense.
37. Atlanta Falcons-Red Bryant, DT, Texas A&M
They let go of Grady Jackson last season and now have a gaping hole in their defensive line. As former Jaguars D-Coordinator Mike Smith knows the benefits to having stellar defensive tackles.
38. Baltimore Ravens-Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville
They wait and they still manage to draft Brian Brohm, only because Ozzie Newsome knows prudent planning. I expect to see Boller traded at some point during the draft, maybe to Atlanta.
39. San Francisco 49ers-Early Doucet, WR, LSU
Much like the Ravens the Niners wait and are able to draft a player they wanted in the first round in the second. Doucet should excel in Mike Martz's offensive system.
40. New Orleans Saints-Dustin Keller, TE, Purdue
I would if you asked Drew Brees if he missed Antonio Gates what his reaction would be, would he just simply break down and cry on the spot or would he wait till he got home at night?
41. Buffalo Bills-Reggie Smith, CB, Oklahoma
Their defense just seems, at least to me, to be on the cusp of something really special. I think they'll go corner here, and Reggie Smith is the top on the board.
42. Denver Broncos-Jonathon Stewart, RB, Oregon
I don't think they'll be able to resit taking Stewart here. Travis Henry is the only running back they had that was actually drafted. Selvin Young has been good for them, but Stewart is a special back who should do amazingly well in their system.
43. Carolina Panthers-Chad Henne, QB, Michigan
They too wait and end up getting the quarterback who should fit their system very nicely. Now this could also be a running back, but then so could the first rounder.
44. Chicago Bears-Joe Flacco, QB, Delaware
The Bears have one of the biggest question marks at the quarterback position that I've ever seen in my life.
45. Detroit Lions-Anthony Collins, OT, Kansas
Rod Marinelli says the Lions are going to be focusing on the run now. That's good, since you've drafted a team of wide receivers.
46. Cincinnati Bengals-Quentin Groves, DE/OLB, Auburn
It looks like the Bengals are going to the 3-4, and Groves is fit for that system of play I feel.
47. Minnesota Vikings-Kevin Ellison, S, USC
Their safeties aren't exactly spring chickens, and Ellison is much like Josh Barrett which would be a good fit for the Vikings.
48. Atlanta Falcons (via Texans)-Eugene Monroe, OT, Virginia
Now that you have Matt Ryan and Michael Turner you have to be able to block for them.
49. Philadelphia Eagles-DaJuan Morgan, S, North Carolina State
I've heard from many Eagle fans, we need another safety next to Brian Dawkins. I think it's low enough to take a chance on DaJuan Morgan, I say chance because I'm not as high on him as others are.
50. Arizona Cardinals-Trevor Laws, DT, Notre Dame
The more I saw of Trevor Laws at the combine the more I realized how much he must have been double teamed at Notre Dame.
51. Washington Redskins-Mario Manningham, WR, Michigan
More and more teams are beginning to see in film what I say every time I turned on a Michigan game. Drop after drop by Mario Manningham.
52. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Tavares Gooden, OLB, Miami
Tavares Gooden could be one of those secret players, like Demeco Ryans was for most people when he came out. The heir apparent to Derrick Brooks.
53. Pittsburgh Steelers-James Hardy, WR, Indiana
He may not be the HUGE receiver that Big Ben wanted, but this kid is a human highlight film.
54. Tennessee Titans-Terrell Thomas, CB, USC
Pacman may as well buy a house somewhere else because I don't ever see him going back to the Titans.
55. Seattle Seahawks-Ali Highsmith, OLB, LSU
Their linebacking corps looks to be one big playmaker away from having one of the best linebacking corps in the NFL.
56. Green Bay Packers (via Browns)-Chris Johnson, RB, East Carolina
Ryan Grant had a splendid year, one no one expected. Chris Johnson though runs like he's outrunning the devil and would be an excellent change of pace back.
57. Miami Dolphins (via Chargers)-Donnie Avery, WR, Houston
They let go of Marty Booker so who do they expect Beck or McKown to throw the ball to or are they just running Ronnie Brown every play?
58. Jacksonville Jaguars-Thomas DeCoud, S, Cal
They drafted Reggie Nelson in the first round last year and he looks to be a solid player. The player opposite of him, Gerald Sensabaugh, what do you think?
59. Indianapolis Colts-Chilo Rachal, G, USC
The Colts had many injuries on their offensive line last year, taking Rachal who I have as the highest rated offensive lineman available makes sense.
60. Green Bay Packers-Roy Schuening, G, Oregon State
The continued revitalization of the offensive line should be the priority of the Packers, especially after watching how Brett Farve was chased in the NFC Championship game.
61. Dallas Cowboys-Michael Grant, CB, Arkansas
Will you look at that, the next available to corner for the Cowboys to draft is a Razorback, would this honestly shock anyone?
62. New England Patriots-Dexter Jackson, WR, Appalachian State
Another head scratcher, but Faulk just got busted for the sticky icky, and he's isn't so young anymore. Jackson would be their version of Joshua Cribbs, just another playmaker in their machine.
63. New York Giants-Cliff Avril, DE/OLB, Purdue
Cliff Avril was one of the stars of the combine, then again Purdue University was the star of the combine. He would likely move to outside linebacker for the Giants.


clippers1624 said...

I found a few problems with your draft. 1. DeSean Jackson at number 5, not a chance. 2. Vernon Gholston will be a guarnteed top 5 pick , he may be number two to st. louis but defiantely gone by number seven. 3. Aqib Talib have an average combine if best and probably wont make the top 20 on draft day. Flowers, Henderson, Cherilus, Baker, Pollack, Barrett arent 1st round picks. Jonathon Stewart is a top 20 pick.

Jack Gonzo, MD said...

1. DeSean Jackson is the number one wide receiver in this draft, him going number one isn't as far fetched as you seem to believe.
2. St Louis won't take Gholston, mark my words. I can see the Jets, Pats and Bengals taking him but I have the feeling he may slip a bit. The Florida game didn't help his stock that much, though the combine did a bit. I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if a team traded up, possibly even with St Louis, to get him.
3. Talib had a decent combine, he didn't need a stellar one as he was already high. Teams are putting less emphasis on the combine, unless it's just an amazing performance and even then they go to see what they did on film. Mind you average play mixed with great combine doesn't move you up that much.
4. I agree with you on Flowers and Barrett, they likely aren't first rounder. At the same time teams at the bottom of the first round draft more for need then anything else. There could be as many as seven tackles taken in the first round and Cherilus and Baker are in the top seven. If you don't think Erin Henderson isn't a first rounder you've never seen him play a game.

Thanks for the comments.

Dale said...

Not bad but Ellis and Dorsey both go top 8. Jackson and Cromartie are not top ten. Keller is by far the best tight end in the draft. Davis has the USC hype but scouts and coaches are seeing that Keller is not only faster and stronger but better on tape. If Keller wore a USC jersey he'd be top 5.

Samer said...

Ellis Hobbs, starting CB for the Patriots, says hi.

Samer said...

One other thing: yes, Faulk was cited for possession--but his drug test was negative, so he isn't entering the SAP.

Jack Gonzo, MD said...

Dale-I think Ellis and Dorsey are top five talent. I think the big mystery is what the Chiefs plan on doing with their pick. I don't see the Jets grabbing a defensive tackle after they just picked up Kris Jenkins. The Patriots COULD but they lost Gay and Samuel so I'm thinking they will go corner. The Ravens just drafted Ngata so they're out of the running as well. As for Keller, I agree with you, to a point.

I think Keller is the better all around tight end, but I think Fred Davis is that Kellen Winslow style of tight end some teams are drifting towards. Keller impresses the hell out of me, but there isn't a great tight end need in the first round this year. So it's a coin flip for Seattle.

Samer-Hobbs is fine, but you need more then one corner. That's good news for Faulk, but Goodell still might come down on him for merely getting cited for possession. At any rate he's still not as young as he used to be.

Tapupartforpres said...

Why does everyone think the Raiders are taking McFadden. They have 4 backs under contract. They are taking Dorsey.
The Real NFL Draft