Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dews one day before Taco-Day rundown

Yes, there is no longer a thursday. It is merely the day before Taco-day (with some sincere apologies to my Catholic friends for this bizarre no-meat policy on friday).

I feel like I didn't get a weekend to rest last weekend from one thing or another (read: drinking a wee bit too much), so the weekend is about all I'm thinking of right now.

In the Ultimate twist of this whole Spitzer "needs to pay to get laid" story, turns out the "working girl" in question is an aspiring musician with (wait for it...), a Myspace Musicians page!!!

I will say, she is kinda cute in a trashy "Jersey-rific" way. She sounds to have had a rough life before making it out to NY at age 17, so I really don't feel the need to say anything harsher then that. More power to her to have gotten where she is. I can relate having come down to DC at 19 with essentially 2 dufflebags and an old old computer that needed a floor fan to stay cool (overclocked it). Though to be fair, I was never an aspiring musician willing to sell my body for sex... Guess I could be a Myspace Celeb now if I did, damnit...

In related news, Geraldine Ferarro (of the 1984 Republican Ass-Kicking fame), has "quit" the HRC campaign over comments made about Senator Obama. This of course coming as a complete shock firstly as nobody had an idea she was even working for HRC in the first place and secondly because she said the same thing about Jesse Jackson in 1988!

And finally in news from our wonderfully wacky "kinda french" speaking Quebois neighbors to the north, a new phenomenon known as "Snow Rage".

Police in the French-speaking province of Quebec said on Wednesday that people were fighting over snow clearing and even parking spaces.
Quebec City police said they had been called to a dozen violent disputes about snow from one property ending up on someone else's. The drifts outside some houses are 12 feet and higher.
Can't say as I'm all that surprised about this. Growing up in Vermont we had similar problems, but we we've always been smart enough to live far enough away from our neighbors so that the proximity doesn't cause these type of interactions. Although the sight of some angry Quebecois fighting over who gets what parking space has really made me happy this morning.

That is all.

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