Thursday, March 13, 2008

Awesome Crimes

It is probably a good thing Dews no longer works on the Hill, or this story may be about him.

I'm actually pretty sad I didn't think about this first. I could have completely built myself a sweet rig, and all on taxpayer coin. The computer image you see is not the computer in question, I have yet to see THAT picture, but this is fairly awesome. I love how it's supposed to be the backup server. If that's the backup, I wonder what the main one is like.

Just reminds me that I just update my own rig with 4Gbs of ram, yeah, fuckin phe-nominal now. No more crashing during Frontline and CSS while I sniper folks from crumbled buildings or flying helicopters into communists. Penny Arcade has their own take on this story as well.


Dews said...

hehe, I have no comment on how horribly things are watched over on the Hill.

Or where anyway...

Dews said...

Damn, love the cartoon though.