Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday Thoughts-Let justice be done though the heavens fall

I saw this bumper sticker as I was stuck in traffic on Friday heading towards PA and Jersey. For my money, I haven't seen a better one in a long time, though I did see one that said When Bush Took Office Gas Was $1.46.

Everyone seems to think we paid Donte Stallworth all this money, we didn't. His contract is SEVEN YEARS long, basically giving him $5 Million a year. He has $10 Million guaranteed, so his first two seasons for the Browns are guaranteed. In this day in age that is far from over paying for a player. Now I'm not a Stallworth fan and I would have rather seen them go after Berrian, but he'll take people off of Edwards, Winslow and Joe J.

Hey Cincy, you like apples? We just stole a player who can eat ten truck loads of apples from you because your people don't know how to do paperwork correctly. Finally I have another Longhorn on the team other then the kicker.

Corey Williams, Shaun Rodgers and the Smiths are going to reign havoc all over the AFC and NFC East next year. They're going to take up so much of the offensive line D'Q is going to eat teams alive and Wimbley is going to be scalping some mother fuckers.

I don't care about trading away Leigh Booden, he was a bum who was constantly burned last year. McDonald and Defensive Wright are our future at the corner position, something we haven't had since Minnifield and Dixon.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow for single games at the new Nationals Park. I shall try for opening day, but so will the rest of DC. Hopefully I can get tickets for the Thursday game before the wedding so the guys and I can escape one night and watch some baseball.

I watched JFK last night, and it brought back all those feelings I've been repressing about our government for the last fifty years. Our own people killed a great man because he wanted to change things, he wanted to alter the status quo, and those in power couldn't afford that. I worry sometimes about Barack Obama, I worry that he is too big of a challenger to the status quo like JFK, Bobby and King were and we know what happens to people who want to change the world.

I recently bought Frontline:Fuel of War from Steam since I needed something new. Like many people I've had nothing but fuckin problems with this game. Single Player was fine, but people don't buy first person shooters for single player. It then got completely FUBAR with the different versions that Steam and Kaos/THQ haven't worked out yet. Needless to say it took all day yesterday attempting to fix it, which I finally did (allegedly) at midnight. Great game, great fun, way too much fuckin work that needs to be fixed and sorted out yesterday.

Finally at first look I thought I had missed from Exhibition Football game when I saw that Oakland had beat San Francisco 23-5. I then learned that it was actually the Athletics going over the Giants. The game was so ugly I thought the Giants were being played by Jodie Foster in The Accused.


SayHey Kid said...

Yeh Yeh, its Spring Training and we do have wins over ya so far. Zito may be shit so far but Cain and Tiny Tim are looking "Oh So Super Sweet"

I havent heard a Quake "frag" quote in such a long time. Now i want a Rail Gun reference!

Dews said...

Just wanted to remind SayHey about his O's comments and Loewen, but comparing Zito's performance to that of Loewen's the other night is just not fair...

Loewen has pitched FAR better afterall :)

Karma's a bitch! hehe

Its still early though, these scores are meaningless until its just about time to break camp. Pitchers like Zito need more time to get that location back in that hammer curve of his.

SayHey Kid said...

Im not in denial like some LSWTF baseball fans. I am flat our pissed that Zito sucked it up; unlike O's fan where the dreamland world of lolipops, candycanes, and an Orioles World Series/Adam Loewen Cy Young still exists.

Dews said...

I'm not familiar with this wonderful O's vision you speak of, but it sounds pretty cool.

Also don't remember any World series or Cy Young predictions for Loewen, but we're not paying him 18 million a year either... Maybe we should try that first?

SayHey Kid said...

You should be aware of this world, your the co-Founder, CEO, and member of the world of denial.

Yes, we over-spent Zito. I am aware of that.

Jack Gonzo, MD said...

Don't forget why I never am sad when we let a pitcher go...once they leave they're never as good as they were with us.

SayHey Kid said...

I think Oakland let way to much go and got very little in return this season.

At least you and I realize this will be a long year. O's fan believes they have a chance.

Dews said...

I don't remember saying we had a chance...

We're at least 3 years away from being an interesting team I think I've been quoted as.

I think you have the O's and Skins confused as far as that whole "hope" thing goes.